WICCA Goes Hardwear!


Great news!!! The organisers of hardwear.io have invited us to their after-training reception for a great networking opportunity!

Hardwear.io is the biggest hardware security conference in Europe, and possibly in the world. It is a platform where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware.


This event takes place during the hardwear.io week, right after the trainings and before the official conference starts, directly at the venue in The Hague WTC. This will be a casual event for WICCA ladies to meet with hardware security specialists and hear about different experiences in the field. Some of the trainers and trainees will still be around!

As a hardware security introduction, we will have a few toys to play with:
- a hackable Bluetooth bunny
- locks to lockpicks
- a Proxmark

There will be beer and wine. Expect a bunch of delicious (vegan) samosas as well!

Trivia: hardwear.io is spelled as such because of the idea of "wearing your hardware".