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Fox-IT, one of the top Dutch security companies, is inviting the ladies of InfoSec and female security enthusiasts in The Netherlands for an evening about Red & Blue Teaming in Delft.

They will be hosting us at their office in Delft and is providing drinks and food.

Are you team red or team blue? Next to the Pokemon red and blue video games, we know two important teams in cyber security. The principle is simple: red tries to hack, blue tries to defend.
During this night, we will get an insight in what techniques Fox-IT uses to improve the detection services for our customers (hint: data science!).
But is it possible to evade detection and incident response? During a blue team and red team talk, you will see how this is an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Who will win? Maybe you do, as we are doing a small red vs blue exercise after dinner :)

See you on October 23!

Please bring an ID card in order to get into the building!!!


Anne Postma is a data scientist at Fox-IT and helps analysts from different departments to get the most out of their data with techniques like statistics and machine learning. She studied Industrial Design Engineering where the spark to design the best solutions for different types of users originated. In her own time she’s a foodie who loves to think about how to find the best restaurants to eat (restaurant recommendations are always welcome!) and will draw or sing to get out of her head. She has worked for Fox-IT for 5+ years now and will present what her day looks like and how she’s helping the blue team with new detection models.

Sanne Maasakkers works as a security expert / ethical hacker at Fox-IT. In her current role, she mainly deals with performing penetration tests on internal networks or web applications to prevent malicious hackers at their customers. Assignments that include social engineering, like obtaining physical access to the building, sending out phishing emails containing malware or voice phishing makes her feel like James Bond. Next to this she stands ‘for a more secure society’, for example during awareness trainings, hack demos and guest lectures. During her talk, she will tell how the Fox Red Team tries to evade the blue team (and Anne's awesome work!) during red team assignments.


18:00-18:30 --> Walk-in & introductions
18:30-19:00 --> Blue by Anne Postma
19:00-19:30 --> Red by Sanne Maasakkers
19:30-19:45 --> Break
19:45-20:15 --> Red vs Blue
20:15-20:30 --> Questions & Wrap-up
20:30-21:00 --> Networking

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