Not-So-Social Distancing Part II

Women In Cybersecurity Community Association
Women In Cybersecurity Community Association
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Aaaaand we're back! Last time was a grrreat success so let's do this again! A special remote WICCA night behind our PCs with a beer or a glass of wine and our fellow feline, canine, reptilian or even avian companion(s).

We'll be using Zoom. Now, we are well aware of the Zoom privacy issues and the trend to bash and exploit Zoom. Our take on this is: as long as we do not share any private and classified information, we do not have much to worry about. Take it as a public event where lectures are recorded, everybody can join, partake, or observe from afar. We've tried Pragli, or Jitsi, or Skype, and other solutions, but Zoom is the only one so far that has been able to keep up with over 20 people without any issues. We advise not to link your Google or Facebook account for anonymity and use a junk email to register. If you just use it in the browser with a link, you don't even need an account!

Awesome stuff: we have four ladies who will present something!

Here's the agenda:
18:00 - Walk-in (call-in)
18:20 - WICCA Announcements
18:30 - Angy: Experience sharing as a software developer with faulty authentication systems
19:00 - Daniela: Techincal Security Architecture
19:20 - Short coffee / drinks / dinner break, we can sit together remotely or you can choose to go offline for a bit
19:45 - Dany: LGBTQ+ Awareness for IT-professionals
20:30 - Barbara: Cyber Security and Gaming
21:00 - Chill time, discussions, story sharing if people want to stay longer

See you on the 22nd!