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What we’re about


Based in Glasgow, this is a group for Widows and Widowers ONLY, who want to meet in a relaxed social setting for the company and to forge new friendships. The group was in initially set up in 2012 but in 2015 the format changed and the group and is now run by Betty, helped by Alfie. We welcome any input provided by members.


we now collect fees once a year which is £10 which should be paid into account for 1st january anyone starting second half pay in£5 thank you

Please note that you are welcome to bring a guest to the meeting but they cant join unless they are a widower or widow  However, if we run trips or have a night out then you may bring a friend . Also, if you’re bringing a friend then please make sure that you click on ‘Invite a friend’ when you RSVP. This allows us to book the correct number of tables & chairs etc in advance - e.g., we always tell venue how many are coming. If you have any questions then please have a word with one of the organisers. 

The format has changed a little over time in that, as a members’ club, I hope you can all play your part in helping by giving us your input. Remember if there is something which you would like to do then please let us know (you may get the job of hosting it). We might not all like the same things but there may be others who would like to join you on one of your ideas.

I would like to say thanks for all your support. The club is growing and people are forging friendships, which is good and what we are all probably looking to do. the club is getting bigger and I would ask members to try and mix with new members so that you can all forge friendships with each other and go on outings by yourselves - but while in the club, please try and mix with other people outwith your own circle by helping them and welcoming them - especially new members - to ease their nervousness when they arrive. That first step is scary, as we all know!

Members must attend once within 3 months of joining and also must attend at least 6 times a year. If, for any reason, you can’t come then please indicate that you won’t be there. If you fail to attend for four consecutive months, then I’m sorry but you will be removed unless you have a valid reason, e.g., illness or long-term holiday etc. - we don’t want to have a large membership with only some attending - and we do get charged by the size of the membership. I know there will be times when people can’t attend and that’s fine - but it’s not a group for a-once-in-a-while visit. If you feel that the groups not for you anymore then I understand and wish you all the best for the future. so can i ask you all to  RSVP YES OR NO EACH MONTH IF YOU FAIL TO LET US KNOW AND DONT REPLY FOR A FEW MONTH YOU WILL BE REMOVED