Browser Test Automation Workshop

Hosted by Wikipedia Tech

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This is a past event

54 people went


Remote participants: video stream URL will be published around 7pm here. For questions and comments we will be watching #wikimedia-dev IRC channel at Freenode (webchat access (

This session will take you through every step of writing an automated test for a real feature on Wikipedia, from the requirements to the executable code. No development experience is required extra bonus for those familiar with Ruby and Cucumber (

We'll start by crafting a plain English description ( of a software feature in the form of Given/When/Then statements for Cucumber. Then we will turn that plain English description of the software feature into an executable test ( using the Page Object design pattern.


Discussion: create some Cucumber test scenarios for a particular Wikipedia feature. Setup: install Ruby and prerequisites for Cucumber/Page Object tests. Tech demo: Cucumber makes it easy to write the test steps. Tech demo: create the Page Object for the test. Finish: watch the test run on your local machine, and check the test into the real Wikipedia repository Bring your own laptop. Pizza and drinks provided.

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