Los Angeles' #1 Business Referral Group | Up to 100 in Attendance

Olympic Collection Banquet and Conference Center

11301 W Olympic Blvd 3rd Floor · Los Angeles, CA

How to find us

Visit us at WildfireBusinessNetworking.com | Arrive Early! | Dress Code: Business, Business Casual

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| What's your profession/service? |

Your profession determines if you're eligible to 'openly' promote at this event. Please email or DM your profession/service information to confirm your eligibility to 'OPENLY' promote |

[masked] |

Your RSVP guarantees entry; preferred seating; full gourmet breakfast buffet; and secure subterranean parking |

There are two attendee designations. "Guests" represent OPEN professional categories; are eligible to openly promote a designated service/product; and may apply for full membership |

"Visitors" represent CLOSED categories, but equally welcomed to attend. Visitors do not qualify to 'openly promote.' (see "Visitor Restrictions" below) |

Regardless of your designation, we encourage you to experience our featured Exhibitors and Speakers; the festivities; business networking, and community building - Wildfire will exceed your expectations |

| Visitor Restrictions |

Meetup DM or Email to confirm your designation

• Write "Visitor" in place of your profession on name badge

• No placing business cards on circulating card caddies

• No end-of-meeting infomercial (details provided at event)

• We politely ask that all Visitors and Guest refrain from mass email marketing to our roster

• As mentioned, Visitors may not openly promote their service, but of course may provide their business card and share info with anyone ***specifically inquiring

| Visitor Benefits |

• $25 event fee waived for ALL first-time attendees (Guest & Visitors)

• Expand your business network; meet top vetted professionals | Unlock potential

• Experience what ALL 'one-member-per-profession' groups are modeled after

• Enjoy an entertaining and enlightening experience | Your expectations will be exceeded

| What to expect |

• Arrive to the The Olympic Collect Banquet Center no later than 6:05 am (http://ocbanquet.com/)

* Parking - use the Olympic Collection subterranean parking. Take elevator to the 3rd floor. An itinerary in and outside the elevator will confirm floor

• Our membership “Concierge” will welcome you as you exit the elevator | You'll be asked to sign-in digitally and write out your badge at the concierge table | I'll meet you there



• Your preferred RSVP'D seating will be prepared

• Exhibitors' tables will be display with possible swag, snacks and who knows what else available

• Informal ‘schmoozing, and networking prior to formal start of the meeting

• Pledge of Allegiance, followed by committee reports, special announcements, and brief Guests/Visitor introductions

* Help yourself to a wonderful breakfast buffet

* Three featured speakers will present with Power Point, Demonstration, Q&A, Theatrical presentation, or 'other' creative communication medium

• Members' and qualified Guests' business cards are passed around the room giving ALL attendees the opportunity to learn about your service

* Visitors' business cards are not circulated during the event, but may be shared with inquiring attendees



• The meeting closes with member and qualified Guest infomercials (20-30 seconfs) | Tell us about your business

(Visitors do not give infomercials)


| Reminder |

* Please make sure only the designated business/service you're representing is promoted on your business cards

| What is Wildfire exclusivity | (http://www.meetup.com/Wildfire-Business-Networking-West-Los-Angeles/messages/boards/thread/49872627)?