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Yoni Egg Workshop
Ever Wished You Could Be Bulletproof To Criticism & Negativity, Unlock Your Full Sexual Potential & Experience Pleasure On A Much Deeper Level? You’d Be Unstoppable AF, a Divine Bad-Ass With Wisdom and Sass & Sexy As Hell (No Matter How “Old” You Are) Yoni eggs are the ultimate tool for growing your feminine power, also known as Shakti. Shakti is power that comes from an infinite source power within you that you can tap into at all times. This power is linked to beauty, love, gratitude, forgiveness, generosity, healing and the power to bless. It is even connected to our money and abundance. Once you have cultivated this power, nothing can take it from you. Feminine power is the transformative power that manifests ideas into reality and yoni eggs are hands down the best way to embody and develop feminine power. What are yoni eggs? They are small, smooth crystals traditionally made from jade and used internally to cultivate feminine power. The use of yoni eggs dates back thousands of years to Chinese royalty when women used jade yoni eggs to retain their youthful libido and muscle tone. This workshop will cover specific practices related to using yoni eggs and $65 includes a GIA certified yoni egg and a book. you MUST RSVP HERE! >>


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