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We are primarily beaders of all types who use our own beads to make jewelry to give to Grandmother Circles to sell. We do have some "newbies" who use Grandmother Circles beads and learn from more experienced beaders. The beads open from them to use varies from meeting to meeting and is limited by the size and strength of the transporter :). We make jewelry to be donated for sale at craft fairs held by Grandmother Circles Art Project which is a part of Grandmother Circles- a 501c3 non- profit, So if you used your own beads, supplies etc, it would be a tax deduction for you. The people we help are women and children in Homa Lime, Kenya who are raising kids orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. We have raised over $100,000 in the past 8 years to help support these Grandmothers by obtaining 15 roof top water containment tanks, several chicken coops and chickens, money for emergency needs etc. Our present focus is boarding school fees for teens girls. Boarding schools offer a safer and less stressful environment. I have been to Kenya twice to meet the Grandmothers and the community organizer who oversee the use of funds. The past funds have been from small personal donations from our supporters and profits from craft fairs We have received only one grant of $4,000 and a $5000 personal donation.

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We are a group of "beaders" and other crafters who make nice quality jewelry and crafts to be sold by Grandmother Circles Art Project at Craft Fairs. You can use your own beads, etc (we are a 501c3) or ours. It would also be a time to connect with other beaders and crafters-learn, share and have great conversations!!
Grandmother Circles Art Project monies are sent to Homalime, Kenya for teen girls boarding school fees. For more info see or come to a meeting!!

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