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1st Annual St Croix Falls Dragonfly Winery Tasting & Tour


This past weekend Ellen & I went to the Dragonfly Winery of St Croix Falls, WI. Across the river from Taylor Falls. Dragonfly is an interesting winery. It is kinda like the Chateau of St Croix Falls. They are a new winery with a huge building that can handle parties of 300.
They have been asking us for 6 months to bring our group out and September seemed to fit into our schedule: Parley in Oct, Taylor Falls in Nov & Woodhill with sleigh rides in Dec.
We got a personal tour from the owner and an invite with a reserved area for our group. They will have a special tasting and tour just for our group. If you are interested in a wine stomp you can go the weekend before and try to find a place to sit with 500 people there.

The winery is young so don’t expect Alexis Bailey type of wines, but we like to support the new wineries. The cost is $10 for a tasting of ten wines, they have about 15, but it includes a nice glass.

Their website is (

Come join us,

Dennis & Ellen

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