PUB NIGHT with New Friends


It can be HARD TO MEET PEOPLE in Toronto, so let's get together with like-minded guys & gals to MAKE AWESOME NEW FRIENDS!!! One of the best ways to make new friends is by playing some good-old-fashion games, paired with some drinks & pub banter... Just bring a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and we'll take care of the rest! :-D


COST: $10/person includes ice breaker, prize draw & meetup fees. (Food & drinks at own cost. Please purchase at least 1 item to help support the venue.)

DRESS CODE: There is no specific dress code for this event. It's a pub so casual attire is fine. Just wear whatever you're most comfortable in!!!

• Mostly downtown professionals usually between 25-45 years of age.
• Joint/Coed event with my other social groups... so don't worry if you're the only person signed up in your group as there are 8 other groups invited.
• Can't see the other members who are rsvp'd? It's because they are signed up in our other meetup groups & are listed as my guests on each group that's invited. The total # of attendees are added up & updated every couple of days.

CONTACT: For any further questions please email Sarah (organizer) at [masked] ... If you're lost/late please text/call Sarah at[masked]pm night of event ONLY)

STRIKE POLICY: Please remember that we have a STRICT (3) STRIKE POLICY... if you no-show you get 2 strikes, or if you cancel less than 48 hrs before an event then you get 1 strike... if you rsvp with guests then you get the same # of strikes for them too... If you receive a total of 3 strikes then you'll unfortunately be automatically removed from all our groups & future events... thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

DISCLAIMER: By attending these events you understand that the organizers, venues, promoters & website sometimes take pictures. You therefore automatically consent to these pictures being taken & used as they see fit.