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Keith K.

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Brookfield, WI

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Jun 5, 2008


Welcome! I'm Keith, your host of Wisconsin Business Owners. We meet for a "Lunch and Learn" the last Friday monthly, January thru October, and the 1st Friday in December. Your questions & suggestions welcome - Call me at 262-853-7900

Your business name:

OnYourMark, LLC - Google Phone: 262-820-8201 Cell: 262-853-7900

What does your business do?

We help clients succeed! Turn-key web services: Web design, production, programming, hosting, internet marketing, social media and multimedia (digital video, audio, photography). From business process automation and blogs to e-commerce, social networking to search engine optimization, etc. My job is to help clients make good decisions.

What geographic area(s) do you cover?

Most clients in the Greater Milwaukee area, though we host and market clients in much of the State of Wisconsin, and clients in several other states, too. We've also done work with large firms in other countries.

Who is your ideal prospect?

Small & medium-sized business owners who are good at what they do, want to grow intelligently, and will allow us to be good at what we do on their behalf. Owners and managers who'll roll up their sleeves to work with us for their success = ideal. We are particularly adept at working with Manufacturers & Distributors, Real Estate & Construction Firms, Specialty Retailers, Hospitality Providers and Professional Services Firms.

What is your web address?