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San Jose, CA

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Mar 27, 2012


I strive to live a magickal life. Every day is a new challenge and adventure.

What are your three favorite herbs?

Camomile, Tulsi, Sassafras

Since what year have you walked beyond the hedgerow?

I've been attending sabbats and studying arcane arts since about 1999.

What say you, regarding the unholy Inquisition?

Stupid monkeys...

How should our society care for Mother Earth?

Awareness, awareness, awareness... Be diligent and active in the politics that drive policy. Be an ally of the Earth and listen with humility to the needs of the planet, both locally and globally. Trust in the Mother's process and support the natural order of things.

When were your ancestors forced to accept the dogma of monotheism?

Since I'm not them, I don't know if they were "forced" or if they thought, "Hey, that sounds like a good way to do things." You know... it's not for me to judge.