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    Not much to tell. I came, I saw, I magicked.
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    Hi, I'm a Gardnerian 3rd, Waxing Moon 3rd and dabbler in herbalism, looking to learn more.
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    I'm a Pagan mom with kids (8 & 10) who enjoys running South Bay Pagan Kids, a blogger at www.thespiralmom.com­, a Priestess in Waxing Moon coven, and VP of South Bay Circles. In my spare time, I love to make candles and work with herbs, and oils.
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    Hi, I'm Liz, and I'm looking forword to seeing you all.
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    I strive to live a magickal life. Every day is a new challenge and adventure.
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    I'm Jason
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    Merry Meet! I've been practicing for three decades or so. I'm active in Waxing Moon Circle in the Mountain View/Palo Alto area. I used to coordinate the Pagan/OccultWitchcraft Special Interest Group of Mensa--an intensely educational 13 years.