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Spiritual Sunday Pause... the group meetings for 2022 have been put on pause.

"I'm overjoyed at the 600 plus group members we virtually touched spiritually."

I have launched a new group that focuses on changing the world... your way!

It's called "The Legacy Club".

The premise of the group is to identify what you can build that would have a positive impact on the world... 50, 100, even 200 years after you're gone. The Group Members are made up of regular individuals from Europe and North America with a common goal of impacting the world in different ways.

Each one finding and pursuing the answer to a single question: "What is your legacy?"

Dec 2021, I started conducting 5 Day workshops in Nassau, Bahamas. As of this message, we have conducted two retreats. We are doing two more in Feb 2022; with plans to continue on throughout the year at places around the world (including Santorini, Greece).

We started building the orphanage in India, and along with my growing consultancy (200 + trainers worldwide) a choice was needed on what to pause. Pause but not quit. It is likely our Spiritual Sunday group will evolve to include THE LEGACY CLUB with global meditations occurring regularly.

I enjoyed the conversations, discussions, and meditations we had between us in the past two years. I'm overjoyed at the 600 plus group members we virtually touched spiritually.

If you have any spiritual questions or want to know more about joining THE LEGACY CLUB, feel free to email me at will@willpowerharris. com

There are times when the discussion needs to evolve into action.

That time is now.

Until we speak again... I love you and we are one.

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