What we're about

This group is online and for anyone. All are welcome to our group.

We explore beginner and advanced spiritual topics such as psychics, chakras, law of attraction, crystals, manifesting and new topics which are not popular but are profound.

The meetings happen using Zoom every Sunday.

The group format starts with 40 minutes of information on a particular topic followed by Q&A and group discussion.

Spirituality can be practiced and applied every day to life's toughest challenges. We embrace discussions around applicable spiritual techniques and knowledge.

Each week we have a different topic and the meeting/lesson/discussion occurs through Zoom.

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PALMISTRY - Palm Reading & Interpreting

Online event

During this class you will learn how to read your palm and have your palms read (based on time and your video camera) . There is a difference in reading palms and interpreting palms. In this class we will review both. Your hand is a map reflecting your personality, your past, and your potential. And it can change... maybe it's time to take another look. This is an interactive format which gives instant access to the ancient art of palmistry. You'll see how to interpret the length of the palm and fingers, the four hand types, thumbs, marks on the fingers, the lines, fingernails, the mounts, timing in the palm and even the meaning of rings. The format for this class is: Palm Reading Basics - 30mins Interpreting Palms - 20 mins Palm Reading - 10 mins (take a picture of your hand and send it to the host prior to the meeting if you wish to have your palm read. First come first serve for this. I may not be able to accommodate all.) Online Partner Breakout Rooms for Palm Reading - 5 mins Discussion - 10 mins You will have a chance to read your own palms...and that of one other person. *NOTE: There is no meditation during this class. ** Depending on how this class fills up we may do Palm manifestations too. How to manifest harnessing your palms.

Spiritual Sunday - Will Harris at Center of Spiritual Enlightment

Due to the surge in the number of COVID cases.... I will not be speaking in person at the Center of Spiritual Enlightment. I am awaiting notification on whether there will be an online program or not. If so ....the program can be viewed online through the Center of Spiritual Enlightment Facebook page. You may also attend in person where Social Distancing will be in place.

Developing Super Powers including Psychic Senses & Abilities

Can humans really have superpowers? Some humans are born with a predisposition to certain abilities, but we all can tap into and hone special abilities over our lifetime. In this class we show you how. Objective: 1. We will introduce techniques around psychic senses or human super powers. 2. A deeper dive into the four "Clairs" including claircognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? You may have abilities that you dismiss... that are gifts of intuition. We will explore how to identify your gifts and leverage them. These abilities are crucial for guiding us on our individual paths of transformation and help to raise our collective consciousness. WHAT WILL BE THE OUTCOME? Techniques will be introduced to help you grow Super Powers! The format for each class is: TOPIC'S LESSON - 30 mins BINARAL BEATS MEDITATION – 30 mins Q&A – 10 mins DISCUSSION - 20 mins


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