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San Francisco offers a massive amount of opportunity for career growth for each and every professional. It's caliber of professionals are considered some of the top tiered and top skilled individuals in their markets. It is essential that your social image parallels with your in-person presence. This meet up group is focused on utilizing and leveraging your LinkedIn profile to generate, build and court relationships - Within Your Network. We have an energetic team that believes in the strength of your social image and the impact that it can make on your success and career.

Who would we like to join our Meetup?

Bay Area professionals that are hungry to learn and be proactive with their business and brand. When two or more are gathered, value is created. We want to ignite opportunities. Professionals in this group are wanting to learn new tools that will excel their business, to keep each other accountable, to grow their network, and to synergize with likeminded professionals that are making moves in their industry/market.

Why LinkedIn?? Ask yourself this..

What does your ideal client see when they look you up?
Did you know that 40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn on a daily bases?
Do you think your clients look you up on LinkedIn before doing business with you?

LinkedIn is one of the TOP social media sites that will actually grow your network, build your business, and most importantly capitalize your existing relationships - WITHIN YOUR NETWORK. Within Your Network [WYN] Group is here to synergize and optimize your LinkedIn Profile and techniques to gain you more business.

We are excited to synergize and optimize with YOU.

"Who you spend your time with MATTERS. Make sure to find a tribe that lifts you HIGHER" - Lewis Howes

Rebekah Studer, CEO

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