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Have you been wanting to try out Node.js but you're not sure how to start? Do you know some node & want to improve your knowledge of streams, buffers, or asynchronous programming? If so, this workshop is for you!

In this interactive, hands-on workshop, we'll be introducing Node.js in a beginner-friendly atmosphere. This free event is appropriate for any level programmer, novice to advanced. We'll be pair-programming & everyone's encouraged to help one another out! Please bring a laptop computer; if you don't have one you can pair with someone who does.

Recommended prep work:

Install Node.js (getting this done before the workshop is strongly recommended).
Optional prep work:

Take a look at
Install learnyounode and play around with it.
About Nodeschool: hosts a series of interactive lessons teaching node.js concepts. The lessons are bite-sized and run right in your terminal, so if you're not used to using the terminal you'll get some practice with it here!

Space is limited. Please make sure to register at

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