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In the cafe area of the centre. There is a doorbell to get in near the inner corner of the L-shaped building.

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Most sighted people would be quick to complain if their newspapers, magazines, periodicals and other sources of information, so important for ordinary day-to-day living, were suddenly withdrawn. There is no reason, therefore, why those without sight should have to make do without reading the material that is available to others. Talking Newspaper aims to ensure that they have access to that material - in another format.

The Woking Talking Newspaper organisation has been recording the local paper onto audio cassette for visually impaired people since 1988. Recently the technology changed and recordings are now done onto USB sticks. Rotaract form part of the copying team ensuring the recording is copied onto all the USBs, packaging them up and passing them to the Royal Mail who deliver them for free.

More detail will be added to the event and information will be available to volunteers shortly regarding exact responsibilities.

Where possible a drinks social will be arranged afterwards to cover the time gap between copying & dropping the bags off at the sorting office.

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