Needs a location


This the Woking Rotary Christmas Collections
We go round collecting money for local charities knocking on doors. We have a sleigh and music.
If anyone can help out then please RSVP by 15th November

Plan is possibly to go to Sovereigns after maybe for food

From Maryanne

Sorry to bang on that it still stands that once you have the number of volunteers for the collection and their committed evenings please let Colin know immediately. Thanks:-).

1) Colin & Ken have taken into account the times Rotaract volunteers leave work and suggest that volunteers join them at 6.30pm for example at, Goldsworth Road or Horsell High Street.

2) It would be helpful if you can choose which site would be most suitable for the your volunteers to meet at 6.30 p.m. and let Colin know

3) Colin and Ken will then schedule the route which is best for the volunteers given the above.(more about this further down).

I hope you can understand as to why they need to know the evening/s the volunteers can commit to and thereafter the most convenient start point.

Colin has proposed that once you have some idea of who, how many and the evening/s committed by the volunteers, it would be a good idea for you to meet up with Colin and Ken to select the most convenient route for those volunteering. (not sure we will have time to do this? - if you could let Laura know that would be helpful)

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