Connections Over Coffee ~ The 3 Common Mistakes that Keep You from Your Goals


Hey Ladies,

"Explosion! Focus. Action. Growth. Roots. Fun." Those are just some of the 'Words of the Year' we heard from you at our last MeetUp. Are we excited for our new year?!

To start 2019 off we will welcome the compelling River Easter as she brings us the topic...Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever: Avoid the 3 Common Mistakes Women Make that Keep Them from Achieving Their Goals

"It’s the new year and a time to reflect on last year and set your sights on 2019's goals. If you are like most people, you avoid setting goals. Or if you do set them at the beginning of the year, you forget about them around March 1st. Instead of focusing on goals, you get caught up in the chaos of life and by the end of the year you are still in the same place. I get it and you are not alone! What if achieving your goals were easy? In this talk, you will learn

> How neuroscience can help you achieve your goals with more ease
> Simple tools and strategies to achieve your goals
> One critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream
> Tools to move from overwhelm to focus
> The #1 mistake women make that keep them from achieving their goals"

Get to know River as a new Premiere Expert on our WEE site by checking out her page...

As normal the event is free to PAID members and $5 for non-Paid members.

And remember to mark your calendars for January 8th, which is the SECOND Tuesday of the month since the first Tuesday is the 1st!

See ya there,

Kelli Cooper

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