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What we're about

What is Women Inspiring Women?

Women Inspiring Women brings women together to support, encourage and most importantly — INSPIRE — one another.

Women Inspiring Women (WIW) is a meetup group for women that has a weekly meeting focused on personal and professional development, motivation, inspiration, support and encouragement.

Our Motto is to Celebrate, Inspire and Support Woman of all ages and backgrounds! 

Our Mission

  • Provide a positive forum for personal and professional growth through networking and educational opportunities.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer support for women in a diverse and positive atmosphere.
  • Unite women to share resources, provide inspiration, receive invaluable advice from women who have “been there” and celebrate triumphs.
  • Be a catalyst for creative solutions that fosters ongoing success in life, career and in business.
  • Encourage mentoring opportunities for women to share strengths, talents and experiences.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We meet in person each week on Friday at 7:00 at Barnes and Nobel in Hamilton Marketplace.    

We work through an established book together as a community to learn, encourage and most important of all practice proven ways of changing your life.  The difference between reading a self-help book alone and reading with a group is two-fold:

  1. Woman sharing, encouraging and supporting each other to lift each other up has been scientifically proven to work.
  2. We focus on actual changing, improving and seeing results by assigning homework each week to use the skills that you are learning and track your progress.

We encourage you to join our group of dynamic women!

Meetup Organizer: Janice Snyder is a mature women and founder of Women Inspiring Women. She is a mother, educator and self-help guru and someone who tackles life’s challenges head on with a positive attitude. She has spent her life learning about herself, taking massive action outside of her comfort zone and lived to talk about it. Janice has “been there” and continues to transform into the best version of herself right alongside you.

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