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In 1945 Gloria Gartz began the Women's City Club of Pasadena and within two months of its formation 450 women joined. The organization went on to influence history in the Pasadena area and beyond. They were Women on the Rise. They said, "I will rise." And in so rising, created the legacy of the Women's City Club of Pasadena - one that we carry on today. We invite you to join our Meetup and sample the journey with us.

As we embark on our 71st anniversary, Pasadena-area women will have the unique and historic opportunity to create the Club for our next generation of members. We invite you: the successful, productive women who will inspire, motivate, and help lead the next generation of accomplished women, to join us at our social events to get to know us and find new friends at the Club. We want you to join us as we talk, brainstorm, laugh, learn, lunch, and have fun determining the path forward in creating the Women's City Club of Pasadena for the 21st century. In this special 71st-year program, we are looking for women who want to rise above it all and lead, women who want and will benefit from friendship from other women leaders, and women interested in taking a positive step forward to say, "I will rise."

You are invited to join us at our Meetup events to sample the Club. As leaders of our local communities, we would like to suggest the following criteria as you consider joining this Meetup and look to your next steps forward. Women considering attending the Meetup should meet one, or more, of the following criteria.

-Successful business owners

-Women of influence

-Successful, career-oriented women


-Women who have proven to be accomplished in any area of there lives (profession, family, work, community, charity)

-Women who have been honored by a group, community, profession, charity, society, etc.

-Women mentors and teachers (retired or not retired)

-Women who are respectful of other women regardless of age, race, religion, or gender status or orientation

-Women who have been leaders in other organizations

-Board members of businesses or non-profits

-Women: mothers and non-mothers, who want to contribute to community and society in a social club setting

If you, or your friends, meet one, or more, of these criteria and want to be a part of leading the Pasadena area into a better future, please join our Meetup! We will look forward to meeting you at our event

We meet on each Thursday of the month for a Mixer and this provides a wonderful first step into the Club. Come join us at a mixer to meet new friends and join in lively conversations over hors d'oeuvres and drinks. We have a wide variety of events: from lunches every day, to special event dinners, bridge clubs, non-profit meetings (for 25 non-profit clubs!), and parties for life events, such as showers, engagement parties, weddings, retirement, and more. You may sample the Club up to three times before applying for membership.

At this time, Women on the Rise is a special program in which we are seeking successful and influential women to lead the next generation of Women's City Club members.

The Womens City Club of Pasadena is a private, membership-driven club. The Blinn House is a sophisticated, elegant, and professional setting. The club itself has a dress code, business casual at minimum.

Join us and get a feel for what our club membership is all about. Non-members can try the club out three times, before applying for membership.

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Women's Roundtable Discussion - Health Care for All in California?
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Womens City Club of Pasadena

The many women’s marches around our country and the world speak to the need for women to stand together to insist on representation, fairness, respect and responsiveness to our needs. In an effort to continue the conversation in a nonpartisan forum, the Women’s City Club of Pasadena and the League of Women Voters are combining efforts to provide information on policies that affect women and girls in our local community. April’s “Women’s Roundtable Discussion” will focus on current legislation, Health Care for All - California. Dr. Irma Strands, Chair of Health Care for All - California, Member of the League of Women Voters Pasadena and Former Director of LA County Mental Health Department, will present information on this proposed legislation and how it impacts women locally. Afterwards, we will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and learn about ways to take action. Guests are invited to join the Women’s City Club of Pasadena’s weekly Member Mixer afterwards at 6:30pm. (Guests can join the Member Mixer up to 3 times before joining as a member.) $10 Hors d' Oeuvres and No-host Bar Available *The Women’s City Club of Pasadena and the League of Women Voters are both nonpartisan organizations which encourage active citizenship and community discourse.

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