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Just Us Girls
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Car pool from Greer.

(Address given to those who sign up) · Greer, SC

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Car pool from my house in Greer (address given to those who sign up).

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Join us for a fun weekend in Charleston! We will car pool from my house in Greer at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6th. We have 7:00 dinner reservations at the Capitol City Club in Columbia, SC. The dress code is business casual (no jeans, sneakers, or athletic wear), and they only take credit cards (except Discover). Please dress accordingly for dinner for the car pool.

On Saturday mornings, the hotel at the marina has coffee, that you are welcome to enjoy!

We will take the "Undiscovered Charleston" tour at 10:00 a.m., which includes lunch and recipes to take home. Chef Forrest Parker, the city’s only Palmetto Guild Certified chef guide, leads you on a 3-hour experience unlike any other. You’ll begin with a 90 minute walking tour, exploring the complicated history of the Holy City and the culinary influences that shaped Charleston into one of the world’s top food destinations. You’ll visit the not-to be missed sights, but also the lesser known and understood locations where, for example, an enslaved chef created a recipe that still helps define local menus.
The tour concludes at the cozy Bistro A Vin where you’ll relax while Chef Forrest teaches you how to cook three dishes from recipes he wrote interpreting definitive Lowcountry classics, and prepared using techniques he mastered over two decades. He’ll serve you those recipes for lunch while you enjoy a carefully curated wine pairing (or cool, delicious sweet tea if you’d prefer). You’ll go home with Chef Forrest’s recipes as his gift to you.
*Note from the tour guide: Charleston’s lovely old sidewalks and cobblestones can be uneven so flat, comfortable shoes are recommended.
It is often sunny and hot, so hats and sunscreen work wonders.

We are free to explore Charleston this afternoon, such as shopping or going to a local brewery. I will also check other Meetup groups in Charleston to see what is going on.

We have 7:00 dinner reservations at the Harbour Club (dress code is business casual, and they only take credit cards, except Discover).

There is an evening artisan market we will walk a few blocks to after dinner.

Sunday we have 11:30 Champagne Brunch reservations at the Harbour Club, combined with the Charleston Dining Divas Meetup group, that I co-organize. The price is $29.95, plus tax and service charge.

We will then go shopping at the market and "Second Sunday" on King Street, where the road is closed to traffic, and shops have specials.

We will have 6:00 dinner in Charleston and arrive back at the car pool location approximately 11:00 p.m. Sunday evening.

You must be a member of Just Us Girls and attend at least one of the events from either of the Meetup groups I organize (this group or Brunch, Lunch & Supper Club) before signing up for any overnight trips on our boat, and must car pool with us from my house in Greer, attend all the events and meals with us, and return back together after dinner on Sunday evening.

The price of this Meetup is for the drivers' gas money and the "Undiscovered Charleston" tour on Saturday. Other meals and events are not included. There is no charge to stay on the boat. That is a picture of our boat on the Meetup. It has a living room, kitchen and dining area, three bedrooms and two full bathrooms (each has a shower). The driver of our car pool will get their own guest bedroom, and will be reimbursed $100 gas money when we return back to the car pool location in Greer together after dinner in Charleston Sunday evening. It is at the Organizer's discretion to not give a gas money refund if the driver does not fulfill the obligation as specified, or to turn away anyone who signs up, based on not being able to handle the extensive walking, jumping on and off the docked boat, or for any other reason. Packing details and car pool location will be emailed to those who sign up. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you can join us!

The itinerary may change due to unforeseen circumstances, including the weather.

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