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The Prayer Sisters' Circle: Where Healing Happens!
Our Prayer Circle is held over the phone from the comfort of your own home! At 7:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time, Dial this number: (712)[masked]; At the prompt, enter this Access Code:[masked] If you are calling from another country, please contact me directly for your dial in number. If you are disconnected, it is a problem with the service provider and you will have to dial in again. All are welcome! There is no judgement, questioning, or testing of different views or choices of faith expression. We believe prayer is a universal practice. Pamela Skarda will be our prayer guide. Pam prays 35 hours per week in her role at Silent and she has kindly offered to pray with us too! ********************* MORE DETAILED INFORMATION: Our common goal is to enter a state of stillness together... the place of presence where we access the power of pure unconditional love that heals and transforms. Our belief is: “I am a child of God/Goddess/Divine, and therefore I do not inherit sickness.” When we move passed limited thoughts, we are free to be healthy, happy, free...and whole. Feel supported, guided, cherished, and nourished as your fellow sisters lift you up in prayer. In Support, Service, and Love, Jessica PS Join us on our private Facebook group to converse and feel inspired!!

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What we're about

Women Inspiring Women Through Serious Sisterhood

If oneness through Sisterhood sounds attractive to you, then lets dance this life! Lets sing this life! Lets do it together!

Join us in singing our song and dancing our dance as we set the world’s soul on fire by touching the hearts of people through The Timeless and Ancient Art of Soul Expression, which we come together to deliver in our sisterhood and within the greater community.

I am Jessica Wagner Nguyen and I'm the Founder.

I formed this group because I believe that in togetherness, the impossible becomes possible and miracles are made. Our feminine power has been calling to us to listen to her, to be with her, so that we may find our true nature. At our core, we are Healer, Nurturer, Artist, Creator, Alchemist, Mother, and Lover. We are Soul Artists. Society has told us to quell Her calling, but we cannot help but be drawn to her anyway. So we go to that place together and we live from that place together. The abundance we receive is beyond our deepest dreams and greatest beliefs.

My art is Soul Expression and my role is to connect individuals with each other in a state of Oneness because empowered soul expression is what will light this world on fire and lead us to abundance!

The Sisterhood is a HOME where we can rest and find the courage to find our true self again and allow her to live in the world. Within our home, we hold Sister Circles that deliver a feminine formula that helps us connect with our true self. That formula is called Coming Home: The Way of the Fertile Soul

The formula is delivered in 3 parts:

Part 1 is Coming Home to the Heart.

Part 2 is Being at Home in the Body.

Part 3 is Receiving Abundance in Our Relationships

I provide the structure for the formula and our sisters who feel called to use the formula to share their story/their voice to others, can work as a team to lead sister circles within the sisterhood and possibly within the greater community such as schools, nursing homes, homeless shelters, wellness centers, corporations etc.

The formula is a way for sisters to give/share their voices to an audience who is ready and willing to receive. In giving, they heal and grow as do the sisters in the audience who are receiving. The formula is an opportunity to practice working together in Oneness as a team, rather than individually in competition, thereby seeing how much more fruitful the outcome is for us as individuals and as a whole.

Our sisters who feel called to help lead sister circles are professional wellness practitioners, but are also everyday people such as stay at home moms, educators in the school system, non-profit or corporate employees. Here, everyone's voices and experiences are just as valuable and needed. No one profession, skill, lifestyle, or experience is worth more than the other.

I created the sisterhood with the intention of:

Providing a sense of home, family, and community in a society that lacks it.

Providing value, reverence, cultivation, and preservation for the feminine spirit in a society that abuses it by emphasizing individual over collective.

Providing critical self-care services for women in a way that is affordable to them in a society that emphasizes profit over people.

Providing a meaningful and purposeful avenue for both wellness practitioners and lay people to express their talents to a readily available audience.

To show that when we live together in the feminine spirit of Oneness, that abundance/profit is not only possible, but it is greater than doing it solely for the individual. Abundance through oneness multiplies and never runs dry.

Our Circle is a Sacred and Safe Home…

Our circle is where we come together in fellowship to gather as family. As sisters, we create a sacred, safe, and all-inclusive circle; this circle is how the ideal Home and Family should be and would be if all people were operating in oneness. Here, our time, our spirit, and our positions/roles in the world are all equally valued as the other’s. Our individual sisters guide our gatherings. Here, each of us is recognized as a wise teacher with an invaluable gift to bestow through her unique voice and experiences. From the sister who is a stay-at-home mom or wife, to the professional physician, to the one who is still figuring out her next place, to the savvy business professional, to the certified wellness or life coach, to the spiritual coach, to the social worker, to the woman who is homeless, to the woman without a degree....each is equally as wise, equally as valued, and equally as called to share her teachings from exactly where she is now. We aren't concerned with what you do, who you know, your resume, credentials, or your accomplishments. We are NOT here for career networking, sales, advertising, or happy hours. We are the atypical group that focuses on the interior soul and mindful living. We connect deeply, authentically, at the soul's level. We are most interested in our raw selves, who we are aside from our profession, aside from who we know, and aside from our educational status and accomplishments. We value who we are over what we do for a living. Here, nobody’s times, skills, or experience is worth more or less than the other. Love, empathy, and compassion enable us to see through our differences, come to mutual understanding, and unite in a common mission, inspired by the spirit’s calling, and led by a single vision, which is to inspire oneness within each other, among each other, and in the world.

Our 1 Rule: Due to our feminine nature and mission of oneness, we are not a career networking or sales group that exists to advertise any one person's individual services for individual profit. Please do not post your website, products, affiliate links, or other advertisements of your personal business to our pages and please do not come to our Circles with the primary intent of marketing your personal business. However, we understand your excitement and passion for the beautiful work you are doing in the world and we greatly value your work! If you would like to make your business known to our sisters, there is an ethical way to do so through a teamwork connection that is built upon mutual support. If interested, please private message me to discuss how we can support you in a way that does not distract from the purpose of our Sisterhood.

Welcome to Our Family!

We are a family of sisters and Oneness through Sisterhood is our Way.

As women, we naturally have this calling to unite in compassionate oneness and to turn away from competitive duality. We are all called to oneness, but only some will answer the calling. If you recognize that togetherness, as sisters, is the way to abundance, then you too are a part of the true divine feminine counter-culture that is rising!

Our Oneness is a Feminine Movement of Resistance Against the Competitive Mainstream Culture…

We are the feminine counter-culture that is rising up from the depths of the masculine mainstream culture. What makes us truly feminine in nature is that we do not exist solely for the individual; we exist for the collective. We do not get ahead by competing with one another, dominating over, or profiting off one another; we exist to equally walk hand-in-hand TOGETHER, toward a common vision, united indivisibly as ONE feminine force because we know there is room for all of us and there is power in numbers. We know that we will be seen and heard as individuals even if we move together as a collective. We know that success/getting ahead in life comes from sustainability and selflessness and pure individualism is not sustainable or selfless, but sisterhood is. Through our weary bodies and minds, our hungry and thirsty spirits, our divine feminine has been calling to us to listen to her, to be with her, so that we may find rest, fulfillment, healing, nourishment, love, our true nature, and our true power. We go to her and we live from her, together. The results we gain are beyond our deepest dreams and greatest beliefs.

We are strong in our Fellowship...
Our strength is in our voice. We are a soulful symphony, an orchestra, composed of unique voices that expresses individual stories and experiences, coming together to join as one new whole voice, to create a beautiful sounding song that serves to spark the empowered spirit that longs to be set free from deep within all people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take our family, our fellowship, and our formula through the sound of our voice, and the meaning of our song into the community we live in, to inspire heartful leadership within each person through spiritual empowerment, thereby creating a radical ripple effect of worldwide transformation and overall wellness, rooted in oneness and made possible only by love. More than ever, our world needs more wellness. The divine feminine formula is the key and oneness in Sisterhood is the way.

Our Purpose
Purpose reveals itself through problems. The Great Feminine Spirit, the Creator, has been suppressed, bullied, and dominated over for far too long. As a result, our world is experiencing sufferings such as a rapid rise in chronic physical disease, depression, mental illness, divorce, war, a larger gap between the rich and the poor, profit over planet, and now even a drop in our life expectancy and rapid declines in fertility. This suffering is a result of the masculine mind that exists within men and women, ruling over the heart of the feminine spirit, and dictating our lifestyles, our behaviors, and our mindsets…governing through competition and force. Consequently, our bodies, our environments, our earth's land, wind, and water, our wildlife, our family lives, our work lives, and our emotional states of being are sick….are dying.

Our Calling
Women now feel, stronger than ever, a deep desire to stand and say "Enough is enough!" The pulse of the Heart has grown stronger and stronger because its light shines even brighter in the midst of darkness. The passion, the desire, the longing within is our Heart rising up, getting ready to bloom into fruition, to resume its rightful position over the mind. The Rise of the Heart is the feminine nature that exists in both men and women, but women are forging the path that will deliver us from Root to Fruit. Sisterhood is the way. Now is the time.

Our Diversity...
We are stay-at-home moms, teachers, aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, business women, married, divorced, happily single, black, white, brown, yellow, young, middle-aged, elderly, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Easterners, Westerners. We seek to adopt the best from each other’s differences so as to bring the opposites into balance. In merging the opposites, we become whole and therefore peaceful within ourselves and we take that wholeness into the world. We need each other in order to complete this process.

Our Commonality...
What we all have in common is a heartfelt desire to connect to spirituality, to the earth, to nature, to health and healing, to nourishment, to the desire to live authentically, to build deep and loving relationships, and to live a meaningful life. We have either been broken and have risen in victory or we come to the Sisterhood broken and are in the process of rising. Either way, the brokenness that we experienced or are experiencing is what lets the light come in for healing to occur, for compassion to deepen, and for a desire to serve and help others to become whole and blossom. We want to freely fill our sister's cup with abundance when she is lacking; we know that when she is helped, we are helped, and the world is helped. We have a big heart and we do not like to see anyone left behind.

Our Divine Feminine Formula

Activates soul expression within each individual who participates in delivering it and within each person who participates in receiving it. Activation is enabled due to the unique flow of the Formula, which integrates the universal order of Spirituality’s 7 chakras, Religion’s 3 Piece Trinity, and Nature’s 5 Elements. The Divine Feminine Formula is a Way of Life that is completely counter-culture to the masculine mainstream modern way of life and it can be described as Compassionate over Competitive, All-Inclusive over Exclusive, and Heart over Mind. It is what is needed to reverse the current trend of health extinction within our bodies, minds, and relationships with each other. It restores The Original Cycle of Creation and overrides The Current Cycle of Destruction.

Women Inspiring Women Through Serious Sisterhood is calling all women who want to transform their lives and the world for the better by integrating their individual voices together into one greater voice so as to deliver the family, the fellowship, and the divine feminine formula that compassionately nourishes, heals, loves, inspires, and frees all people to live fruitfully, together in peaceful harmony as one mind, one body, and one spirit. All that’s needed is your unique voice, your life experience, and your willingness to join together as one team, one family. If you don’t know your voice, no problem, we will inspire her to rise from within you!

How You Can Get Involved

We invite you to gather with us in person, over the phone, or on Facebook Live. We meet 1-3 times per week. To participate in our gatherings, first join our Meetup group. Through Meetup, you will become an official member, which enables you to view our calendar of events, to RSVP for and attend our events, and to get involved in a variety of other ways.

Join our FREE private Facebook group to stay in contact with us throughout each day by posting and reading daily inspiration while also personally getting to know fellow sisters better.

We are FREE to join:

Membership is free.

We do require financial involvement to exist and grow. After an initial trial period, if you enjoy attending our Sister Circle Events and being connected with us, we ask that you purchase a yearly membership/pay dues. Currently the yearly dues are only $12.00 and are payable through or in person by clicking “Pay Dues”. We simply cannot exist without you.

Many of our sister circle events are free, though you are welcome to offer a donation if you feel called to do so. Some of our events cost a minimal fee; the reason they cost a fee is because they are self-care/wellness services that generally cost hundreds of dollars if you were to purchase them outside of the sisterhood. As a member of the sisterhood, it's our aim to make self-care services affordable for you and so they come at a fraction of the regular cost that you would normally be required to pay. Your payments compensate our talented wellness leaders and also enable the sisterhood to exist.

How to Get Involved:

1. Visit our calendar of events and RSVP to attend

2. Be an active voice on our Facebook group

3. Offer to lead a series of circles through our Formula

4. Submit an article for publication

5. Talk about our Sisterhood in the greater community and invite people to join

6. Invite our sisters to present at your organization

7. Pass out our flyers

8. Reach out to individual sisters and get together to chat over tea or coffee

9. Technology, marketing, and administrative interns or volunteers are always gladly welcomed and much needed

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