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What we’re about

We are so glad you found WOMEN TRAVEL ABROAD (WTA)!

We are an exclusive and inclusive group of like-minded women that crave traveling in Ease, Comfort, and Style. We believe in experiential travel and deep immersion in the countries we travel to. We hire local guides that will take us off the beaten path to experience real local food and the local community. We believe in buying from local artisans selling unique one of a kind pieces.

We are Boutique travelers. Boutique travel is for women that desire to see the authentic culture of the cities they visit. A WTA traveler needs only to show up and let the magic unfold. Accommodations are SINGLE occupancy for comfort and every hotel is chosen under the strictest of guidelines. The WTA traveler is not just on vacation but on a cultural tour with a perfect mix of hustle and downtime.

We want to make sure everyone meets our expectations but more importantly we want to ensure we meet your expectations before you book a trip. No one joins a WTA trip without first joining our weekly call or speaking with someone from WTA leadership.

Use this Link every Saturday at 12pm EST to find WTA on Zoom!

Visit to view our itineraries, if one interests you & you want more information, click HERE to sign up for our email list!

Welcome to WTA!

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