What we're about

This is the first Canadian chapter of Women Who Go (WWG). Our goal is to create a welcoming community for women who are Go developers or are interested in learning Go.

*Join Our Community!*

This group is an inclusive space for women, non-binary and transgender people with interest in the Go programming language, or programming in general.

Join our meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/Women-Who-Go-Vancouver/

Join our Slack community: https:// womenwhogo-yvr.slack.com

*What can you expect?*

We aim to host workshops, share resources, and provide any support we can to our fellow gophers.

*How else can you get involved?*

If you would like to support WWG YVR, we are looking for people who can:

• Volunteer with us

• Run a workshop

• Provide mentorship

• Sponsor an event

Connect with us at yvr@womenwhogo.org !

*Code of Conduct*

WWG YVR is committed to creating a safe and respectful space for our members.

We will not tolerate any harassment or discriminatory behaviour of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Sexist, racist, hateful or offensive comments

• Unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention

• Deliberate intimidation, following, stalking

• Unwarranted photography or recording

If you notice anything, please notify one of the organizers right away. WWG YVR will take swift and reasonable action which may result in participants being removed from the event or community.

This code of conduct applies to any person who attends a WWG YVR event or participates within our community.

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