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Women in Biz Network (#WIBN): Career, Membership and Business Support Services

Contact Information: 416-993-2083 | info@womenbiz.ca


Supporting women to thrive and live their very best life.

Contact Information: 416-993-2083 | info@womenbiz.ca


Grow your brand, thrive as a leader. Build your community and network now. (http://www.womeninbiznetwork.com/membership-perks/#.V7RwDJMrK8V)

Our Mission: We focus on helping women to be happier, healthier and less isolated while increasing their success through mentorship, advocacy, skill-building events, and training. We have been changing lives for over 7 years and are a community of 35,000 thriving women.

CAREER - Get Support with:

- Career clarity coaching
- Linkedin Makeovers
- Marketing services

Contact Leigh Mitchell at 416-993-2083 for additional details (leigh@leighmitchell.ca)

SMALL BUSINESS - Get Support With:

-Membership Services (Events, Thrive Mastermind, Mentorship, Conferences, Business Directory Listing, Discounts, Online Classes, Tools + Templates)

- Business and Marketing coaching

LEARN ABOUT OUR CORE VALUES, WHO WE SERVE AND HOW WE GIVE BACK HERE (https://www.womeninbiznetwork.com/core-values-inclusivity/)

Get free resources at:

https://linktr.ee/leighmitchell.ca (https://linktr.ee/thriveincanada)

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