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What we’re about

Fellow roboticists, it's time to celebrate women in robotics. We're all unicorns!

This is a group for women working in robotics or women who are interested in working in robotics. We meet to socialize, and to discuss robotics and AI in an informal setting with the purpose of building a community around women in these fields. We are inclusive of anyone who identifies as female, genderqueer or non-binary.

Men who support our mission are invited to support us in other ways - it really helps if you make sure that there's always a woman on any panels you speak on - or just to stand up for women's ideas at your workplace meetings (be a champion!). Also, There are five or six times as many general robotics events on our calendar at Silicon Valley Robotics at so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to indulge your passion for robotics. Women are invited to join our Slack group by signing up at