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The Tao of Cacao the Alchemy of sacred chocolate led by AMANDA WARING
A workshop using ceremonial cacao and unique shamanic practices to open your heart and ground your gifts , a delicious way to transform your life and experience more love and self awareness and chocolate . I have been a shamanic practitioner and leader of ceremony. for over thirty years leading women’s chocolate circles and full moon lodges. I have been working with the power of sacred chocolate to heal ,transform, delight, liberate, sensualze using sacred ceremonial chocolate to ground clients to awaken and recognise their feminine power, to help them reclaim their focus, joy voice and purpose. Cacao reminds us to hold ourselves lightly to cherish ourselves deeply to give ourselves permission to play and have fun.. During this workshop we will explore and experience and initiate with the power of raw cacao , absorbing it in sacred ceremony together to allow the alchemy of the cacao deva as a spiritual ally to guide us . Sacred Chocolate helps us integrate our dark and light side so that we can embody and share all of our gifts in this lifetime . There is no hiding with Mama cacao, she will seek you out, burrow and furrow in the deepest darkest riches of your being, showing you the places where you have become dried, deadened brittle, afraid to love, afraid to be seen afraid to express,seeking even permission just to BE. It can get messy, it can be fun as we reclaim the parts that have been neglected or unloved.But let the tao of cacao lead you with love so that you can become whole and live your passion and let your passion live. The workshop will include cacao meditations, sacred drumming and movement and the drinking of ceremonial chocolate . There will be moments for deep rest and reflection. Sacred cacao is needed right here right now, to help us grow and evolve and to shift humanity into greater depths of compassion and awareness and Love . When we transform ourselves we transform the world. MAY THE TAO of cacao sweeten your now and may the love of chocolate inspire your life as it has mine.