• Born for IT? Meet us on SHARE NOWS Roof Top


    Join us for an evening on SHARE NOWs roof top overlooking the Elbe river. Our Speaker will be Birgitta Boeckeler, Lead Developer at ThoughtWorks and she will share the history of software development with us. For this event you need to sign up via our website as we have limited space (see below): ⏰ Agenda: ▶ 7:00 pm Welcome from moinworld and SHARE NOW ▶ 7:10 pm Born for IT? - How the image of software developers came about (Birgitta Boeckeler, https://www.linkedin.com/in/birgittaboeckeler/) This talk traces back the steps of the programmer profession to its beginnings over 70 years ago, and reflects on how those beginnings might have shaped our image of programmers. The “programmer brand” in society today is still the omnipresent stereotype of a socially-awkward, white man. Do boys really “just like computers more”? What shaped the profession and how non-programmers and potential aspiring programmers perceive it? How might all that be connected to our ongoing struggle to achieve more diversity in the industry? ▶ 7:30 pm Networking on Rooftop 👩 Our Speaker: Birgitta Boeckeler: Birgitta is a Technical Principal with ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy. She has been building software across all layers for more than 15 years, mainly in the space of large custom-developed websites. At ThoughtWorks, she spends her time on software delivery teams with coding, architecting, coaching and consulting. 🍕 Pizza and Drinks will be provided -------------------------------- ❗Since we have limited space sign up via Meetup.com does not reserve you a space. Please sign up via this link: https://moinworld.de/developer-meetups-hamburg/ ------------------------------- 👋 Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • A survival guide for Product Management

    MOIA GmbH

    Product Managers at MOIA are the ones responsible for guiding the success of MOIAs mobility services. Come join us at MOIA's pretty amazing office for networking, drinks, chats & talks! This edition will be focused on Product Management. Meet inspiring makers as they share insights into how to build digital services for mobility. 👩‍🏫Speakers: ▶ Asli, Product Owner Vehicle Guidance Asli has an engineering background and been working as a product manager for various companies. Currently, she is shaping the future of mobility in MOIA, providing the users the best experience of sharing rides in fully electrical vehicles throughout the city and making cities more livable. While she is not traveling to places she has never been to, she gives yoga classes and tech talks. ▶ Andrea, Product Owner Driver App & Operations After studying Sociology Andrea started her career in Online Market Research. While working as Project Manager she fell in love with being the User Voice for digital products. After living in Bali to pursue her passion for surfing, she started her first position in Product Management. Building B2B products quickly became a passion as well that she now does at MOIA by shaping the future of mobility. ⏰ Agenda: 18:30 Doors open 19:00 Welcome from moinworld & MOIA 19:10 “5 ingredients for successful product management” In her talk Andrea will share her insights what is needed to succeed as Product Manager and why those traits are also valid to succeed in other professions. 19:30 “What I learned about Product Management while climbing the Himalayas” In her talk Asli will share her personal story of how climbing the Himalayas taught her many lessons for her Product Management and to adapt for required traits to become a better Product Manager 20:00 Discussion & networking & open end 👋 Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Für Eltern & Töchter: Einstieg in die Programmierung

    Code Working Space GmbH

    Diesen Samstag bieten wir gleich zwei tolle Programmierkurse für Kinder in einem der neuen Coworking Spaces in Hamburg's Innenstadt an: - ab 5 Jahren mit Teilnahme eines Elternteils: https://ti.to/moinworld/programmieren-scratch-junior - ab 8 Jahren für Mädchen: https://ti.to/moinworld/programmieren-scratch-app-inventor Weitere Informationen hier: https://moinworld.de/programmieren-kinder/ Meldet Euch schnell an, wir haben noch ein paar Plätze frei für nächstes Wochenende!

  • Girls Days in Hamburg - für Abiturientinnen und Abiturientinnen to be

    Euer Einstieg in die digitale Welt! Wie schon im letzten Jahr organisieren wir ein Camp für Euch, in dem ihr IT Berufe und Hamburger Unternehmen kennen lernen könnt. Daneben habt ihr in Gruppen die Möglichkeit mehr über das Thema Programmieren zu lernen und Eure Kenntnisse je nach Kenntnisstand zu erweitern. Der Spaß steht im Vordergrund! 📅 Tag 1: Mittwoch den[masked] Ort: Zentrale von XING SE, Dammtorstraße 30 Beginn: 9:30 Uhr (voraussichtliches Ende: 17 Uhr) Lernt XING das Karrierenetzwerk als Arbeitgeber kennen. Wir machen zahlreiche Pausen in denen genug Zeit ist für eine Unternehmensführung und das Kennenlernen des Arbeitsalltags bei XING. Inhalt: Am ersten Tag bekommt ihr einen Storytelling Workshop und lernt anschließend wie ihr einen Chatbot in Eure erstellte Geschichte einbinden könnt. Ihr erstellt Eure eigene Voice basierte Interaktion. 🎓Trainer: Margarita Esau, Doktorandin der Universität Siegen Bereich Human-Computer-Interaction und Peter Friese, Developer Advocate von Google 📅 Tag 2: Donnerstag den[masked] Ort: Zentrale von Google, ABC-Strasse, Hamburg Beginn: 9:30 Uhr (voraussichtliches Ende: 17 Uhr) Lernt Google als Arbeitgeber kennen. Wir machen zahlreiche Pausen in denen genug Zeit ist für eine Unternehmensfühung und das Kennenlernen des Arbeitsalltags von Googlern. Inhalt: Am zweiten Tag bekommt ihr einen Einstieg in die App-Entwicklung. Das Ziel soll es sein, dass ihr am Ende der drei Tage Eure eigens erstellte App auf Eurem Mobiltelefon Euren Freunden zeigen könnt. 🎓Trainer: Hanah, Jana, Sarah und Alexandra unterstützt von Peter Friese, Developer Advocate von Google 📅 Tag 3: Freitag den[masked] Ort: SHARE NOW, Grosse Elbstrasse, Hamburg Beginn: 9:30 Uhr (voraussichtliches Ende: 17 Uhr) SHARE NOW (ehemals Car2Go) will das Autofahren revolutionieren. Lernt SHARE NOW als Arbeitgeber kennen. Wir machen zahlreiche Pausen in denen genug Zeit ist für eine Unternehmensfühung und das Kennenlernen des Arbeitsalltags von Mitarbeiterinnen bei SHARE NOW. Inhalt: Am dritten Tag entwickeln wir unsere App weiter. Am Ende des Tages wird sie dann fertig zu präsentieren sein. 🎓Trainer: Hanah, Jana, Sarah und Alexandra unterstützt von Matthias Kim, Berater bei SAP Um Euer leibliches Wohl ist gesorgt -------------------------------- 👉.. mehr Informationen und Anmeldung findet ihr hier: https://moinworld.de/girls-days-hamburg/ ......................................

  • Women Techmakers Summer Party @XING


    We want to celebrate two years partnership between XING SE and moinworld e.V. with you! For this reason we will have a special evening planed. Xing Director of Engineering Uygar Sönmez and XING Product Manager Angela Kapdan will talk about the insides of how tech companies try to prepare and promote women for management positions (XINGs Female Learning Journey). Why women do hassle to do the step into a leading position, how the situation of women in tech looks statistically and how we experienced it personally. Starting into the third year we would also like to hear your feedback and suggestions for future meetups. Agenda 18:30 Roof Terrasse Doors open & Surprise - Drinks and Snacks 19:00 Welcome from moinworld 19:10 Do women really need a special treatment? - Uygar Sönmez & Angela Kapdan Uygar Sönmez was born in Wilhelmshaven, studied Computer Science in Hamburg, being a passionated Ruby on Rails Developer and a mom, Uygar, 37, is in her professional life the Director Engineering for the Premium Memberships at XING where she leads as a people manager a bunch of developers, QA engineers, Agile Project Managers and Team Leads. Having worked as Ruby on Rails Engineer in several teams before for building successful products, she gains experience in developing and also placing products on the market. Besides that Uygar also believes in young talents and therefore is training apprentices at XING as computer scientists as well as being active for motivating more girls and women for programming. As a Product Manager, Angela Kapdan is responsible for several member acquisition products at XING. While studying environmental and economic law, she worked for Germany’s leading legal database, where she discovered her interest in online services. After completing her degree, she gained work experience in sales, project and product management spanning fields such as telecommunication, online marketing, coaching services as well as online shops. Besides her passion for agile methods and user-centric products, she is a speaker and mentor at the XING Mentor Month, an initiative that supports refugees entering the German job market. 19:30 Open Discussion 19:45 Break & Snacks in the beautiful Company Space 20:00 Networking & Feedback Session on the new Roof Skyline Terrasse

  • Data Science Barcamp


    We are excited to announce our first data science barcamp! Already announced are Data Scientists from Check24, EOS, Google, Lotto24, XING and also the Data Science Team from SHARE NOW, the sponsor of the evening, will be present. ************************************** As always Sign Up over Meetup does not save you a spot. In order to participate you need to go to our website and register https://moinworld.de/developer-meetups-hamburg/ ************************************** In the first part of the evening, Avaré Stewart, data scientist at Center of Analytics of the EOS Holding, will talk about how to improve your data science workflow. In the second part, it is your turn! Participants have the chance to propose a barcamp session based on their interest in the field of data science. Topics might range from questions that you want to ask other data scientists to ideas that you want to share. Sessions offer a platform for interactive and spontaneous exchange and sign up will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Schedule: 18.30 Doors open 19.00 - 19.40 Talk Avaré and discussion 19.40 - 20.00 Networking and sign up for barcamp sessions 20.00 - 20.40 Barcamp After 20.40 Networking We look forward to see you!

  • Interactive session in computational thinking @ XING

    Technology is shaping how we do things for example how we go shopping, how we communicate with eachother, how we diagnose illnesses or how we collaborate and with whom on projects. The ability to extend our power of human thought with digital tools has become an essential part of our everyday lives and work. We all need to understand how, when, and where computers and other digital tools can help us solve problems, and we all need to know how to communicate with others who can assist us with computer-supported solutions. Computational thinking is a problem solving process that includes formulating problems in a way a computer can execute them. This problem-solving process can be applied to a wide variety of problems in your daily life. This evening we would like to explore the basic concepts of computational thinking by practical exercises. AGENDA: 18:30 Doors open 19:00- 19:20 Welcome & Introduction to the Concept of Computational Thinking 19:30 - 20:15 Team up around computational thinking exercises (everybody is welcome to suggest tasks that help understand the basic concepts of decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition and algorithm design in a hands-on way) 20:15 - 20:30 Feedback round 20:30 open end networking

  • Google Cloud Study Jam

    Google Hamburg

    This day you have the chance to get official Google training free of charge. Together we'll work through several Google Cloud labs. You will get hands-on experience with the Cloud Console, Kubernetes, Security, IoT on Cloud, and Machine Learning. Then after our live session, you will have free access to more labs you can finish at home. You can earn a Google-hosted badge for your online profile, and get additional 30 days access to the training platform to compete any labs you want. Each course has a codelab format and is 40 minutes long. ⏰ Agenda: Start: 18:00 ▶ Our speaker/guide for the codelab: Andres L. Martinez-Ortiz Almo is Head of Developer Program in Google's Engineering team for several countries in Europe. He is focused on driving the success of Google's developer products and the open web by creating a thriving ecosystem of 3rd party applications and businesses built on them. Closely with Product Management, Marketing, PR, Business Development, and others, he works with and supports developer communities, initiating activities that meet the needs of the innovation ecosystem. In addition, he meets with developers and partners in large companies, startups, universities and enterprises, promoting Open standards and Google technologies. He is also a member of IEEE, ACM, Linux Foundation and Computer Society. @davilagrau ▶ What to bring: - Laptop, Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, everyone’s welcome. - Laptop charger The labs will run on all of the latest versions of the popular browsers. For the best experience, use Firefox or Chrome. ---------------------- ❗ Sign up via moinworld https://ti.to/moinworld/codelab-signup is required as we need name tags to enter the Google office and also we need to be able to manage no-shows! ---------------------- 👋 Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Meet us @ Share Now/Car2Go to talk about Design & UX

    Needs a location

    Welcome to our first Meetup together with our new partner Car2Go. It will also be the first Meetup for them as a new company (car2go + DriveNow). Come join us in their pretty amazing office for networking, pizza, drinks, chats & talks! This edition will be focused on Design & UX. --------------------------- As always Sign Up over Meetup does not save you a spot. In order to participate you need to go to our website and register https://moinworld.de/developer-meetups-hamburg/ --------------------------- Speakers: ▶ Mar High, UI Designer, https://marhigh.com Case study: Starting a design system with MOVU using Sketch, Abstract, Anima, and InVision A design system is a web design and development strategy for complex digital products or products that will rapidly scale. In this talk, I’ll share my experience coaching Swiss startup MOVU to create a design system from scratch and detail the design team’s setup, challenges, and successes. ▶ Dennis Schmidt, Product Designer @ SHARE NOW, https://dennisschmidt.net Speeding up Your Design Process with a Ui Library ▶ Indra Burkart, Senior User Experience Consultant bei eresult GmbH How to include UX in an agile process Getting continuously feedback from real users has often a low priority or is not considered necessary. I talked with experts who successfully included User Experience methods in their daily agile process. In this talk I will share these methods, how they can be included into an existing agile process and make UX Design a team effort. See you soon..

  • Meet us at Airbus - Industrial Digitalization

    Airbus ProtoSpace 2 HAM

    Airbus is also joining the moinword family as a supporting partner. This evening we will have our first event at their facility in Hamburg. Expect an evening filled with a tour of Airbus, inspiring talks, drinks and snacks while networking. ⏰ Agenda: ▶ 18.00h Welcome and Intro to the agenda/ evening ▶ 18.10 Inspirsing Speech & Q&A – Sine Sprätz – Head of Industrial Digitalization ▶ 18.30 Tour through Airbus Protospace ▶ 19.00h Second Speech – Alessandra Stanghini – Head of Flight Physics Capability 🍕 Pizza and Drinks will be provided -------------------------------- ❗To sign up for this Meetup go to https://moinworld.de/developer-meetups-hamburg/ ✈️ The event will take place at Zentrum für angewandte Luftfahrtforschung which is located in Finkenwerder. Expect travel time from Hamburg city center. Parking space is available if you do not arrive by ferry or bus. We will send you further information via email. ------------------------------- 👋 Looking forward to seeing you soon!