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What we’re about

I've created this group to draw like minded women ready to come out of their comfort zone and experience what the city has to offer in entertainment, adventure and culture. I hear alot of people say there is nothing to do in this city. I believe it's more a matter of finding the right kind of people daring and open enough to do it with you. So let's see if we can find the right kind and mix of people mature enough to form the right type of fit where we can form enough of a bond and look forward to hanging out with one another.

The goal is to do events together locally to get comfortable enough with each other to travel to events in nearby cities and then to vacation spots or events in other cities. It's funner to do things with a group.

Note: This group is designed to be an ACTIVE group. But if COVID concerns are an issue for u and u don't intend to participate, u should consider requesting to join at a later time. We will attempt to follow efficient safety protocols. However, Inactive people who wait on others to show up for events will eventually be removed from membership. There is a cost to the organizer to maintain these groups.

We look forward to meeting up with you and breaking bread.