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What we’re about

Welcome to the WoMin African Alliance Meetup Group!

We invite every member to share and post stories, news articles, blogs and multimedia spotlighting communities - and *especially women* - who are fighting against extractivism and for climate justice and development alternatives. (Speakers welcome)

We also want to hear about new and relevant analysis, theories and ideas to strengthen our movement building and organising. Our posts focus on African struggles in our efforts to combat the erasure, silencing and invisibility of these stories in mainstream media and social justice efforts.

WoMin is an ecofeminist alliance that spans the African continent, works alongside national and regional movements and women’s organisations, mining impacted communities and peasants, and their solidarity partners, to expose the impacts of extractivism on African women and advance a women-centred and just development alternative.

Founded in 2013, WoMin supports women and their communities to strengthen and support feminist movement building, solidarity and action for climate justice; generate research to challenge the narrative of extractives-driven development and publicise the costs women bear, and advocate for a transformation of the current economic paradigm.

We are based in 13 countries, focused in 33 sites of struggle


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