What we're about

Right now there are MILLIONS of women that know their shit who you have never heard of.

They lead departments.

The conduct cutting edge research.

They have studied hard and achieved great things.

And we'll never hear about them. Because although their expertise is great, their opportunities and recognition are minimal.

Now more than ever the glaring lack of womxn at conferences, in front of college classrooms, leading fortune500 companies illuminates the glaring gender inequity that exists throughout our education and professional systems. The myth is that womxn are not in these lines of work, doing cutting edge research, or expert enough to be in front of the masses. But the truth is, as much as possible, womxn's work is undervalued, dismissed, and appropriated.

Have you ever longed for a sales or digital marketing class taught by a womxn?

To learn robotics from a top female engineer?

To learn about the cosmos from womxn astronomers?

Or an art historian sharing the amazing work of womxn painters from the 16th century?

Or perhaps learn how to homebrew from one of the top homebrewers in the country that you've never heard of?

Then this group is for you! Share your expertise. And learn from other womxn experts. If womxn experts have been greatly lacking from your education experience, your company's leadership, or your professional development, this is the place to collectively change all of that.

Join Us.

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