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WordPress Plugins You Haven't Heard Of and Need To Know

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A major feature that makes WordPress so powerful is how easy it is to extend its functionality using plugins.

There are now close to 24,000 plugins available for free at, plus several thousand free and paid plugins available directly from developers. Typically there are several plugins that do the same thing... sometimes there are two or three dozen.

How do you know which plugins to use when?

Go ask an expert!

D.K. Smith and his team began using WordPress in 2005. Over the last eight years they've developed and updated more than 700 WordPress sites, ranging from small non-profit blogs to enterprise-class Fortune-1000 sites... along with several large east coast news websites and scores of ecommerce sites.

This presentation will cover:

Must-use basic plugins for all WP installations Essential plugins for developers Content management plugins that turn WP into a serious publishing system. Plugins to make it easier for clients to manage their site Ecommerce, membership, performance, and security plugins from our secret stash (the dev team isn't happy about sharing these) A generous Q&A session will follow the presentation. Beginners can ask questions on any topic, not just plugins.

If there's enough time, D.K. will demo how to create a plugin and share a framework and process for writing your own plugins that even a beginner can do.

New and intermediate WP users should not miss this meetup!

Advanced users will learn some things too.

The meetup begins promptly at 6:40pm to allow time for Q&A.

If this will be your first WP Brooklyn meetup, send your last name if it's not in your profile ( Pratt security requires a complete attendee list).