Wordpress meetup: Google Analytics Enlightening Talks


Almost everyone's website uses Google analytics. Only a few can claim to use Google Analytics to it's fullest extent.

We are trying slideshare karaoke, which is talking around interesting slide decks from slideshare

Ben Attenborough will talk around setting up Google analytics on Wordpress, and what plugins to use.

Chris O'Dell will talk about Now I have GA installed, what next, which is a great tour of GA's reports.

Steve Watts will talk around defeating referral spam, which ruins everyone's data.

TBD will talk around Hidden quirks, misleading metrics and tips and tricks for the Google Analytics platform, which is quite advanced stuff.

Remember we have a group website: https://wpcbg.uk/

So usual format:

19:30 start: Everyone introduces themselves: 20 seconds max, mainly describing their involvement with WordPress.

2. Up to 4 * 3 minute pitches. Share: news, discoveries, useful tips.

3. Main presentations

4. Clinic: Bring along a problem, and the audience will offer advice. If we can't, maybe we'll have a solution by next meeting.

5. Topic for next meeting

6. Beer.