Cambridge Wordpress: GDPR for websites with Howard Elsey


Data Protection has been around for some time but is about to become a lot tougher. The sequel is GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation and it comes into force in May 2018. It will affect you.

This insight will help you become aware of things to consider in designing and building websites, when collecting and storing data - data that could be a risk and a liability. This is about your rights too. Understanding what the regulation will give you as an individual will help provide the perspective to realise the benefits that GDPR is looking to bring about.

The presenter: Howard Elsey is a trained Data Privacy Officer and advises companies on privacy policy and product strategy.

Remember we have a group website: with some old presentations. Thanks Steve

The usual format:

18:45: Roll up for a couple of beers in the foyer, & chat, mingle etc.

19:15 start: Everyone introduces themselves: 20 seconds max, mainly describing their involvement with WordPress.

2. Up to 4 * 3 minute pitches.Share discoveries, useful tips.

3: Wordpress News with our star reporter Ben Attenborough.

4. Main presentation Howard Elsey

5. Clinic: Bring along a problem, and the audience will offer advice. If we can't, maybe we'll have a solution by next meeting. Kinda aiming to finish the formal part by about 21:00, depending on everyone's enthusiasm to chat & discuss.

6. Beer & networking: We should leave by about 21:45 at the latest.