WordPress Beginners' Group


Our Wordpress Beginners' Group is back! Come along to learn the basics and meet other people interested in WordPress.

This session is aimed at the following groups (but if you're interested and not in these groups you're welcome anyway!):

1) People who'd like a WordPress site but aren't quite sure how to start

2) People who have a WordPress site as part of something they do (like a marketing role where they babysit a site, or they are bloggers who use WordPress but don't necessarily want to be WP developers) and need to be updated on the basics like how to add content, update plug ins, change themes, etc.

3) People who have inherited a website as part of some voluntary work they do and aren't sure where to start in keeping it looked after

The format

After a short intro and welcome from one of the organisers we'll work in small groups helping to answer questions and sometimes perhaps bringing the whole group together to explain something interesting that applies to many people present.

Bring along your laptop as we'll be able to use the WiFi at the Future Business Centre.

We'll have hot drinks on tap thanks to the generosity of our hosts at the Future Business Centre. The venue is accessible to people with a mobility impairment.