Vagrant, Docker and .Htaccess tricks to improve your technical prowess


Three Lightning Talks

These three lightning talks are designed to improve your knowledge of some niche areas of WordPress, which can help you progress and do things faster. It's fair to say these are slightly up the techie end of things - don't let that put you off, though! Questions will be answered and no question is too small or too beginnerish. Come and learn something new, or refresh your knowledge of something you've done before.

Adam Maltpress - topic: VVV

Adam is a web developer at Cambridge University's Clinical School Computing Service and a former professional WordPress developer.

VVV - Varying Vagrant Vagrants - - is a development environment developed with WordPress theme, plugin and core development in mind. We'll whizz through setting it up and also talk about what it's good - and bad - for.

David Thorne - topic: Docker for Web Development

David is a senior developer at David Thorne Ltd, spending most of his time developing PHP applications using tools such as Drupal, WordPress, Laravel and Grav. Having a big interest in systems administration he has found containers (and particularly Docker) to be a huge time saver.

Docker for Web Development shows some of the development tools covering popular platforms such as Wordpress & Drupal and Framework based applications using starter kits such as Lando, Docksal and DDEV.

Simon Bragg - topic: 'Things you can shove up the .htaccess'

Simon is one of the group founders, and is the man behind

Add useful chunks of code/commands to your .htaccess file, e.g.
Control browser caching, Regex based redirects to redirect multiple pages in one line of code. Security enhancements.

Often it is easier to create a standard set of commands for all your websites, than configure plugins in every site.


This meeting is sponsored by Twin Dots ( the leading branding, design and development agency in Newmarket. Twin Dots has clients like Cambridge Marketing College, 450 GSM, Racing Welfare, and Devam the jewellers.

The usual format:

18:45: Roll up for a couple of beers in the foyer, & chat, mingle etc.

19:15 start: Everyone introduces themselves: 20 seconds max, mainly describing their involvement with WordPress.

2. Up to 3 * 3 minute pitches. Share discoveries, useful tips, requests for help with charitable projects.

3: WordPress News with our star reporter Ben Attenborough.

4. Presentation 1: To be decided
4.1 Presentation 2:

5. Clinic: Bring along a problem, and the audience will offer advice. If we can't, maybe we'll have a solution by next meeting.

Kinda aiming to finish the formal part by about 21:00, depending on everyone's enthusiasm to chat & discuss.

6. Beer & networking: We should leave by about 21:45 at the latest.