WordPress Cambridge: Lean Coffee/Social event


Bring yourself and any ideas or questions around WordPress, stick them on a post-it note upon arrival and we'll vote on what to discuss, the person who wrote the question/topic gives a 1 to 2 sentence introduction and we all discuss. After some time we'll see if people want to continue the conversation or move onto the next subject.

This will be a great way to end the year as all of your burning questions will be answered and any topics that end up needing a much longer conversation will fuel future topics for next years meetups..

This meeting is sponsored by Twin Dots (http://www.twindots.com/) the leading branding, design and development agency in Newmarket. Twin Dots has clients like Cambridge Marketing College, 450 GSM, Racing Welfare, and Devam the jewellers.

The format:

18:45: Roll up for a couple of beers in the foyer, & chat, mingle etc.

19:15 start: Everyone introduces themselves: 20 seconds max, mainly describing their involvement with WordPress.

2. Up to 3 * 3 minute pitches. Share discoveries, useful tips, requests for help with charitable projects.

3: WordPress News with our star reporter Ben Attenborough.

4: Lean Coffee conversation

5. Clinic: Bring along a problem, and the audience will offer advice. If we can't, maybe we'll have a solution by next meeting.

Kinda aiming to finish the formal part by about 21:00, depending on everyone's enthusiasm to chat & discuss.

6. Beer & networking: We should leave by about 21:45 at the latest.