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Design With Me: Create a WordPress Blog Of Your Own

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Sarah S. and Courtney P.
Design With Me: Create a WordPress Blog Of Your Own


Do you have a GREAT idea for a blog? Are you ready to get started writing, but need a little guidance? Do you want to get started blogging with WordPress, but aren't sure where to start?

If so, this social learning space is for you! Join us for this collaborative, second-of-its-kind learning space where you will watch an instructor set up one small step of a blog, be given the opportunity to try it on your own test blog, then troubleshoot with other learners if you get stuck.

We will provide...

  • A test WordPress sandbox that will last 24 hours for you to experiment with (You are also welcome to use a blank WordPress installation of a host of your choice, but do know that we may not quite get to a polished "finished product" during this period)
  • Hands-on guided instruction, I Do / You Do / We Do Style

You Should Bring...

  • An idea for a blog (such as a lifestyle blog, professional blog, cooking blog, pet blog, or something else!)
  • Images you might like to use in and around your blog posts. You can use your own, or use OpenVerse to find some photos ahead of time.
  • (Optional) 2 or 3 written blog posts if you want to use your own content, though you can also use some filler text for the lesson -- we will also be playing with dummy content in order to better fill out our sandbox sites for experimentation!

You Will Learn...

  • Basic Setup using Full Site Editing (Colors, Typography)
  • How to Publish your First Blog (Including How to Set a Featured Image, Excerpt, and How to Schedule a Post For a Future Time)
  • How to Use Query Loops to Display Your Blog Posts (The Way You Would Like)
  • The Difference Between Categories & Tags -- And How To Create Different Blog Pages By Category (for example, a Lifestyle blog may have separate pages for posts about 1. Beauty, 2. Travel, and 3. Recipes)

Audience: Users
Level: Beginner
Where: Zoom (link will be visible after RSVP)
Language: English (automated closed captioning provided)

WordPress Social Learning
WordPress Social Learning
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