Users: Understanding and making features for them - October WordPress Meetup


After a great turnout for our first genius bar event, the WordPress DC presentations return on October 11 at 7:00pm with two incredbile guest speakers: Evan Solomon, from, and Daryl Koopersmith, a core Developer of WordPress.

The native New Yorkers will be joining us from San Francisco to present a duo of complementary topics on understanding users and building the right experience for them.

Evan's talk, "You Don't Know Your User," is about working to understand your users—how runs and streamlines their experiments, then gathers and reports on the results. Think A/B testing, analytics, testing, conversions, and growth.

Daryl has worked on nearly every major feature WordPress has released over the two years, including custom menus, the admin bar, the distraction-free writing editor, internal linking, and the refreshed dashboard design. His talk, "Sometimes You Need to Wait 500ms, and Other Lessons from Building User Features," will focus on designing user interfaces and creating the best user experiences.

We'll end the night with a chance to connect those hiring and those looking, along with general announcements of related local events.

If you can, please bring some beer to restock the rolling meetup supply. Also, if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring this or any of our events (pizza, beer, etc.), please contact Aaron at [masked] or Nacin at [masked].

See you on October 11, 7pm, at Fathom Creative,[masked]th Street NW.

More about our speakers:

Evan Solomon is a Growth Engineer at Automattic and works on He runs experiments on new features and designs for, like landing pages and signup forms. His team, New User Experience (or NUX, the opposite of SUX), tries to improve the conversion of new users to signup, start posting and become active users. Evan also works with other teams and products at Automattic, like VaultPress or their Happiness team, to help with experiments and data analysis. Since May of this year, Koop has actually spent more time in Evan's apartment than Evan.

Daryl Koopersmith, or Koop, is a man of many hats. By day, he is a nomadic WordPress core developer. He works at Automattic and is jazzed about JavaScript, interface engineering, and the infamous Alot. By night, he dabbles in the dark arts of rhythmic tapping and culinary combinatorics. Koop is currently settling into temperate San Francisco, where he is fueled by burritos and all things musical.