Blogging Content - Creating a Clear Strategy & Using CTAs in Each Blog Post


Blogging Content - Creating a Clear Strategy and using CTAs in each blog post

In this conversation on blogging content, blogger turned corporate creative writer turned creative director, Christian Sardis will discuss the continued importance of blogging, creating a strategy, and utilizing tools to grow website traffic and increase conversions. Christian will combat the idea that “blogging is dead” with statistics and proof that show otherwise. Christian will also share key components of creating an effective blogging strategy filled with WordPress tools and strategies that will kickstart a successful editorial calendar that will increase website traffic.

About Christian

Christian Sardis is the Creative Director at Lillian James Creative but started in content. Coming from the blogging world into corporate creative, Christian was able to use her skills as a blogger for her personal brand and apply those skills to the happy clients at LJC. She has a passion for putting words together in a way that engages the audience and influences buying behaviors to create the best outcome for clients and her company alike.


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Meetup Schedule

NOTE - We'll be in the back room at Harpo's in Westport

• Networking - Chat with other group members: 7pm
• Member introductions: 7:15pm
• Presentation: ~7:30pm
• Q&A: Immediately following presentation
• Chat and talk shop: Following Q&A, up until 9pm


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