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A New Quantum Energy Healing Technique

  • Mar 8, 2014 · 2:00 PM
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Notes to Attendees: When you arrive, please park in an unnumbered parking spot; all numbered spots are reserved. If you can' find an unnumbered spot, you will need to find street/curb parking.

Also, please note that I do have cats. While they will be kept elsewhere during the meetup, those with severe cat allergies should know!

The meetup will start with Yvonne instructing us on a new technique. An open-forum Q&A + discussion will follow. As always, there will be snacks! :)



Spirit has guided me to share with you a new technique to help heal ourselves and this planet as we need to do the healing while in form as it cannot be done from spirit. It will help if you read this, I wrote last year... I know it is long but it will make understanding the new technique better. I am now convinced writing this piece last year November, then to get the follow-up healing technique, a couple of days ago, all happened in Divine order, making me more excited to share this with you and all I know...

Also, please see what you get from the Blueprint of Polarity included, I designed after being guided to the differences of the two polarities that make explaining all this a bit better which I shared at our last meeting.

 • The Quantum Energy Healing Technique

Einstein reminded us that everything is energy by giving us; relativity is E=mc2 which means reality is energy on a different frequency. Another lesson, but by now, I know the majority who know me, are already familiar with this teaching I so tirelessly explained in much detail before at my meetings.

Then let’s look at energy and its creation first, so that we can understand how to heal that which we don't want and that which cause us pain and/or manifest and create calmness and peace.

The male energy is the ego, who is the protector, the strong will; the powerful force that wants to expand and find its co-creator, out of him comes the seed. His energy has a deep blue color. Has a strong powerful tone.

The female energy is love, the creator, out of her comes the tangible end product of the union of what is in her once she received the male seed. Her energy is a soft pink with a softer, gentler tone.

The union of these two energies has the most beautiful mixture of tones that is a deep violet flame that has so much more power than when separated. If known, such power of healing exist, but another lesson indeed...

The child energy is the Christ consciousness, an energy that is a soft golden mixture of softer tones because it has an added energy. It comes from its father, the blue power, the protector, into and through its mother, the pink love, the gentler, calm, energy to transform these two into its own, by not being any of the two but from the two, not more of this one, and less of that one, but its own, ensuring a golden hue of knowing it has the strength of both but also the gift of self!

In order to learn how to use these energies also understand this.

The left side of the human brain represent the male energy, the right side represent the female. For past lifetimes we lived out of our left brain shutting off the right side and we became out of balance, when we fell from grace, but a much deeper lesson too... Indeed!

Here is an example to see this truth, take a pen and write your name on a piece of paper. Immaterial if you are left handed or right handed. Now, take the pen and write with your other hand your name again. The majority of you will see one is written perfectly and the other is an uneven scribble which is a poor imitation of the first one. A perfect evidence of how out of balance your life truly is. Which is totally okay... Nothing is right and nothing is just is! Which ultimately means, what we as a collective calls God is truly... What IS... God as we know... Is both! The light and the dark. The male and the female. The good and the evil. The heaven and the hell. The natural and the spiritual. The right and the wrong. You, chose how you want to express God! I digress...

So, if you see almost no difference in the two then 90% of the time if I ask you, "Are you an artist? Do you write, paint, meditate, sing, and dance?" The answer will be, "yes." This is because you use both sides of your brain. Your ability to create a life of happiness, joy and peace that can assist you in moving away and out of pain, suffering, lack, stress, worry, into a life of the opposite which is your birth right, lies within finding this balance between your ability to tap into both sides of your brain. The left side of your brain is linked to your ego, the "thinking," the linguistic, analytic, dominance, protector, male energy of what Einstein described as just being energy. The right side of your brain is linked to your heart, the softer side of you that is linked to the "feeling," the dreamer, the artist, the forgiver, the nurturer, the female energy.

Unfortunately, the left side of the human brain is all society trained and educated within us by giving us language, arithmetic, geometry, etc., but all the right brain got was, "stop daydreaming." "Wake up to reality." Or, when you said, "I see this friend who plays with me, or this angel who talks to me, when afraid of the dark," then your parent will say, "oh, that is just your imagination," and called it your imaginary friend or just your active imagination. So what happened? You have this all grown up left side of the brain of a 35 year old, and this 3 year old right side of the brain. Wow! How out of balance are you really! No wonder we all lived in a life so out of balance!

Now, let’s look at what is in your life you don't want or are hurting from such as a dis-ease, a shortage of money, a failing or unfulfilled love, a rebellious child, a dead end job, a parent, or loved one who doesn't get you, etc., then you need to do something different. I suggest, get out of the male dominance of power to protect the ego, left side of the brain, who is by the way just protecting and loving you, so you will not step into the same pain as before, so don't hate the ego. It loves you too much. Its protected you all this time but its time for different. Just love it back but this time with understanding. By getting out of your thinking mind, out of your ego and getting into the female energy mind who is willing to create the new, the right side of the brain, who is by the way, both from love but just two different energies. To do this relax, breathe deeply, (different as you normally would) because remember, you want to change, and to change... Again... follow Einstein who said, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." So, let's do different now!

Being in the heart, the female energy of creation, you can manifest a new reality for you by loving all you hate. Even if you need to fake it before you make it. If you have a dis-ease circumstance, a problem, a painful event, then envision this as a circle, a triangle, a square, a bubble, a cloud, or anything you can in your mind's eye.
Then, give it a color and rate it as if to say how big or powerful you think it is from a number 10 being the worse, and a number 1 being the smallest or the least. Once you have that image and number, then, start loving it. "Feel" the love even if you have to fake it. Start thanking it for being there. See it as a gift reflecting itself to you in the external so you can release what is stuck within you causing you not to experience true unconditional love because it is a gift given to you to be a reflection in your life of what you need to release within you. Remember within this gratitude you keep thanking it and truly "feel" not "think." This love and gratitude, no matter how hard it is, you send towards that what you hate or resent the most, will start to shrink making it worthless with no more power to hurt you. I give you permission to take your power back!

Give it no more power to hurt you. Send it only love. Power is from the male left side of the brain that wants to protect and fight. Love is from the right side of the brain to bring calmness and peace that will let go. None is more stronger than the other, or weaker. They both are with conviction from all that is!

Please, also remember, you did not hear the word 'mommy' once as a baby. You heard it over and over and over before you GOT it! So, know you cannot do this once and you will live happily ever after....

It takes continuous practice but once you truly have to not 'fake' it anymore, then only will it become easier and easier, and new words such as ''daddy' 'food,' 'hungry,' 'potty,' 'brother,' 'sister' comes faster and faster with much more understanding, and easier, and so will your healing from within!
You cannot do this from the left side of the brain, the male energy, the analytical, thinking side. We have been using this side of the human brain to create a reality for us filled with pain, greed, power, war, which is not evil, it just is! You can only release and create a new reality for yourself on the micro level, and for humanity, on the collective macro level, from a new way of thinking, within the right side of the brain, the female energy, the feeling, knowing you are more than this, or whatever you feel so much pain from. If you want to call this meditation, praying, then do it. It is within this silence within your "feeling" side that you can create a new reality, getting out of your "thinking" side.
After a few times of 'faking,' 'feeling,' and sending gratitude and love to this 'evil' in your life, if you want to call it that, then rate it's existence to see how you can delete it from your life. You will be surprised! Each time you do it, do it again until you feel peace. Heal yourself. Create a new reality. It is your birth right! Because if you do on this micro level, you will assist humanity on a macro level, to create a new heaven on earth. What do you have to lose? We can only all gain from you willingness to change your way of thinking!

Let’s do this because we can!
Yvonne Cloete

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  • A former member
    A former member

    Yvonne and Lisa. I apologize for not contacting you yesterday. We had a long day at the attorney's office, yes, an attorney that wanted to schedule a day on Sunday to prepare for a trial we are pursuing. I gave up my Smartphone and could not use the internet. We expected a short meeting, but had no idea of the amount of details to cover. Then, I discovered my meetup e-mails are bouncing and I was not receiving anything. Please accept my apology. Every meetup is important to me and so are you.

    August 18, 2014

  • A former member
    A former member

    Thank you, Lisa for sharing your home and your treats! Thank you, Yvonne for sharing your Heart. I truly appreciate this meet-up and those who attended this Healing meeting.
    Trip, you can discover those blockages and in doing so, they will heal automatically when you release those energies. Aimee, thank you for letting me know how things have changed for you and how you are. I have been sending more healing to you- for all four bodies. Ug, I am looking forward to more information on the different tapping you spoke of.
    Special message to two of you-- please accept all comments of gratitude and appreciation as well as all compliments. In not acknowledging your LIght and gifts, you diminish your own Powers. Sending you Love.
    If you choose to participate with the Crystal Seer, here is the link. As LIghtworkers, this is an incredible opportunity.

    1 · March 9, 2014

  • David

    Very useful technique and information. I've started practicing it and it helps with a lot of things.

    1 · March 8, 2014

  • Ugandhar C.

    Wonderful and I recommend to all.

    1 · March 8, 2014

  • Rakhi L.

    Lisa and Yvonne, my dog, Sara has been very sick for the past 1 week. We had given up on her but we see her bouncing back in the last 2 days. I am sorry will not be able to make it today. I am staying in with her.

    March 8, 2014

  • A former member
    A former member

    My wife and son ask me to participate in a family activity this afternoon so I regret I won't see you this time. My best to everyone.

    March 8, 2014

  • nadia

    Don't have a car today :(

    March 8, 2014

  • Lisa

    Hey everyone - we are at capacity, so please update your RSVPs if you can no longer make it!!

    March 6, 2014

    • Natalie W.

      My husband had something come up and we only have 1 working car right now so wouldn't be able to be there until 3-3:15 earliest. I'd probably have to leave right at 5 to get back in time to take my daughter to a party at 6:15 so I think it would be best if I give up my spot. This my favorite group, I so want to be there, guess I'll have to keep waiting. Hope this isn't too late and someone on the wait list can take my spot.

      March 7, 2014

    • Lisa

      Aw we'll miss you Natalie!

      March 7, 2014

  • nadia

    Very intrigued by your writing - I believe I communicated to you before about giving your ailment/struggle/disease love - my concern was when you give something love it grows - but know I understand what you are saying give it love to lessens its power - very interesting perspective/analogy - I can see where this topic can become very deep to trigger many many possibilities in healing! I'm excited to learn more. Thank you, Nadia

    1 · March 2, 2014

  • Lolita

    I am sorry but I have a prior commitment on that day.Perhaps another time.

    February 26, 2014

  • Rakhi L.

    Lisa, I will be coming at the tail end of the meetup to say hi to all my favourite peeps, but did not want use up a spot that somebody else can utilize. I was commited on that day, but I should be done by 5.

    1 · February 26, 2014

    • Lisa

      That's fine, Rakhi! :)

      1 · February 26, 2014

  • Estela B.

    Hi Yvonne, I just read your narrative and find it very interesting, I will put it into practice. Hope to see you on Saturday, March 8.

    1 · February 24, 2014

  • Donald W.

    Wow Yvonne! Thank you for your wisdom in the note above. Very powerful... I must improve my writing with my left hand... :)

    1 · February 24, 2014

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