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Our goal is to create a space for people in a long-term relationship and couples to improve and enhance their marriage, by themselves or with your spouse.

Join us for monthly interactive workshops to learn how to identify and stop self sabotaging behavioral patterns and create the new healthy ones, so you can have a fulfilling marriage and love.

Learn how to feel connected and be intimate with each other, communicate and get what you want in your relationships, how to give and receive love and support. Explore what a great marriage would look like and make it happen for yourself.

Or workshops are open for couples or people in a long-term relationship. You can come together or alone, however you want to jumpstart your process of improving your married life.

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, a business mentor and a founder of School of Inspired Life a training center for expert coaches and healers with her own advanced certification program. She had been assisting people to change their lives for almost 30 years. She had been trained as a psychotherapist in Europe, had been a spiritual counselor from the age of 17, is a featured guest on many radio shows influencing thousands of people with her work. You can get familiar with her teachings and apply for a call at http://www.mentorofcoaches.com or www.schoolofinspiredlife.com.

Daniel Kanaan has degree in Neuroscience, is a software engineer, a programmer, an artist and a writer. He certified as a life coach because he wants to make a real difference in peoples lives. He successfully launched his "Figure out Your Marriage in 9 Hours" program to support couples and people within a couple to turn their marriages around in a fast and sufficient way. He has a no-nonsense approach to relationships and is great at identifying the games couples play with each other to avoid intimacy and love. You can watch his mini video course and set a free consultation at www.danielkanaancoaching.com.

To join the workshop, please, RSVP and show up ready to learn.

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