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Our vision is to create the most optimal workplace environments where people aren’t just healthy, but thrive.  We want people to be excited and inspired to work. We believe that the right workplace environment should enrich, rather than drain, give, rather than take, and nourish, rather than deplete.


We want to create a community that showcases a healthy work-life balance in Japan. We are interested in improving working conditions for the benefit of both the worker and the company as a whole. Our events take a fun but sophisticated, relaxed and educational approach to enhance your mindset, allowing you to naturally connect with other people who share an interest in a balanced lifestyle and the belief that given the right conditions, people can and do thrive at the workplace.


Along with some occasional, smaller events, we will host three main event series:


Focused on showcasing role-model companies with thriving working conditions in Japan and/or speakers who want to share their ideas about a modern and sustainable work environment. Work+Panel events will consist of presentations and panel discussion as well as allowing audience members to interact with and ask questions to speakers and discuss and share ideas with other attendees. Broaden your horizon and take something home to improve your own company!


All work with no fun? No way! A Work+Party event is an ideal way to start your Friday night! Starting in the evening, come grab some drinks after work and meet and talk to new people with whom you can continue your adventure with later, either that same night or at another point in time. We believe in the importance of transitioning from stress to no-stress, which is why every Work+Party event will feature an affordable all-you-can-drink offer plus fun side-activities, like poker or prepared drinking games to spice up the party.


We imagine a world where all those who wish to create something beautiful and meaningful have a place to share their work and have their voices heard. Through art, we will foster a society that is excited to explore, learn, create, and interact with cultures from around the world. Our role as event organizers will be to work with each individual artist or group to ensure that their work is given the best environment to be presented and experienced.

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Semi-Structured & Casual ENG/JPN Language Exchange | 半構造化およびカジュアルENG / JPN言語交換

*最後までお読みください* 「これは誰のためでしょうか」 この言語交換は、言語の形式的または体系的な学習と、オープンな非構造化会話の自由な流れと楽しみに伴う構造と規律を楽しむ人を対象としています。基本的に、言語を学ぶことに真剣な人と、軽くてカジュアルなものを望んでいる人は、新しい人と出会い、第二言語で会話することを楽しんでいます。 _______________________________________________________________________________________ 「概要」 45分-構造化セッション 45分-カジュアルセッション 30分-オープンセッション 「構造化セッション」 パートナーやグループに日本語を教える言語活動、ゲーム、課題があります。 「カジュアルセッション」 楽しい会話をするためのトピックと質問を準備します。 「オープンセッション」 全員にテーブルが割り当てられます。 15分後、全員がグループを切り替えます。 _______________________________________________________________________________________ [食べ物] 軽食や飲み物(ビール、ワイン、ジュース、お茶)を購入できます。 [参加費] ¥1000 - 2 ドリンクを含む [注意] 英語と日本語の人数のバランスを同一にしたいため、ミートアップで「参加」をクリックし、次のGoogleフォームにサインアップしてください。それから、あなたがスポットを得たかどうかを知らせるためにあなたに電子メールを送ります。 [オンライン申し込みはこちら] https://forms.gle/Z2kcpceQ5tzQDkGT6 _______________________________________________________________________________________ *PLEASE READ TO THE BOTTOM* [WHO IS THIS FOR?] This language exchange is meant for those who enjoy the structure and discipline that comes with the formal or systematic studying of a language and the free-flow and fun of open unstructured conversation. Basically, those who are serious about learning a language and those who just want something light and casual, enjoy meeting new people and conversing in a second language. _______________________________________________________________________________________ [OUTLINE] 45 minutes - STRUCTURED SESSION 45 minutes - CASUAL SESSION 30 minutes - OPEN SESSION [STRUCTURED SESSION] We believe that anyone can be a great teacher. So, at this language meetup, we will prepare certain language challenges and lessons that we will ask L1 speakers (L1 = Language 1 = native language) to teach L2 (L2 = Language 2 = Second language) learners. Don't worry, we know that not everyone is a super trained language teacher with a degree in linguistics or whatnot. So, we're going to try to keep it practical and down-to-earth, things that anyone can do. Like this... Please teach the L2 learner how to talk about the past, such as... - what you did yesterday - what your childhood was like - what you were doing before your current job - etc. or Please tell the L2 learner everything you do in the morning after you wake up, like before you go to work or school. Then get them to explain their morning routine. or A game where you arrange shapes (like a square, triangle, rectangle) in any way you want, and then instruct the L2 learner to make the same shape without them being able to see your shape. You see, there are endless possibilities as to how language can be taught and learned. Don't worry, we will make sure that these language-challenges can be taught and instructed by anyone! [CASUAL SESSION] We want to encourage as much interaction and participation as possible, so we will assign pairs as best as we can depending on the number of L1 speakers who come. We will then pose a topic question for everyone to ask their partner. After a few questions, we will ask everyone to switch partners. For example: - What would a perfect Sunday look like for you? - What would you do if you were rich? - Does anyone inspire you? [OPEN SESSION] And, as mentioned above, there will be free-flow conversations. This will be your basic language exchange. We will assign everyone a table and then switch up the seats after 15 minutes. _______________________________________________________________________________________ [FOOD] Some light snacks and refreshments (beer, wine, juice, tea) will be available for purchase. [COST] ¥1000 - Includes 2 drink [NOTE] We want to have an equal balance between English and Japanese speakers. So, please click 'Going' on meetups and sign-up on the following Google Form. We will then send you an email to let you know if you got a spot. [SIGN-UP HERE] https://forms.gle/Z2kcpceQ5tzQDkGT6

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