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Thank You Meetup.com - First, a big thanks to Scott Heiferman and the Meetup team for offering and managing such an amazing social platform for people all over the world to connect and interact with one another. If you haven't read the story of how/why Meetup.com started, I would highly encourage you to read the Blog post "9/11 and Us (http://blog.meetup.com/911-us/)" from the Meetup blog. From one of the U.S.'s most tragic event came one of the greatest innovations that has so many incredible and positive things in people's lives.

Seoul (South Korea), Meetup, and Me - When I finished graduate studies, I wanted to explore the world. This brought me to Seoul, South Korea. I had no prior connection whatsoever with this country, knew nothing about South Korean culture, history, or language. Neither did I know any foreigner that was living in Seoul, South Korea. I felt isolated by an invisible wall of language and culture until I discovered Meetup.com and a whole community of like-minded people who were in a similar situation to me. My 1-year stay would never have been the same without Meetup.com. The friendships I developed, the activities and events I attended that truly helped me discover and explore South Korea in a way that wouldn't have been possible otherwise, Meetup.com significantly improved my experience in Seoul, South Korea.

What This Group is About: Now that I am back in Toronto, my home, I want others to experience what I experienced during my year in Seoul, South Korea: using the Internet to get off the Internet to meet with real and amazing people in Toronto. Learning about other people's language and culture through real-life situations and experiences (that don't involve an unnatural situation of sitting at a table in a cafeteria doing nothing), and taking part in fun and memorable activities and events that will truly expose you to what Canada is all about.

Terms and Conditions: To facilitate the planning, organizing, and scheduling of our Meetup events, and to ensure the successful management of this Meetup group, we ask that all members become intimately familiar with and understand the role they play as a valued member of this Meetup group, as outlined in more detail in our Meetup Group Terms and Conditions. By joining this Meetup group, you acknowledge having read and understood and expressly agree to our Meetup Group Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time. If you do not agree to our Meetup Terms and Conditions, please do not join this Meetup group.

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