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(Taipei) Vegan Global Friendship Potluck: Bring a dish, bring your friends!
(Taipei) Vegan Global Friendship Potluck: Bring a dish, bring your friends! Our vegan potluck has been to over 13 countries, and we're making more friends while at it! Join us to learn more about the vegan lifestyle and healthy living, chat about travels and practice English, all over our delicious food. We'll play some games too! 🍉 You don't have to be a vegan to join us, just bring vegan food and enjoy the vegan vibe! 🚏 We'll meet inside the spacious MRT hall first. If it's nice outside we may move out into the park. 🥗 Please bring: ➊ A vegan dish to share—NO meat (including seafood), dairy products (milk, butter, cream, cheese, etc.), egg, or honey in it. 👌 We understand it may be a bit of work to make or find a vegan dish, so just do your best! ➋ For our Friendship Salad: Everyone contributes one ingredient, and we make one big "World Friendship Salad!" Please bring one "ready-to-eat" vegan salad ingredient: greens, other colorful vegetables, cooked beans or potatoes, cut fruits, dried fruits, nuts or seeds, dressings (vegan), etc. Your one ingredient should be cleaned and cut, ready to be added in and to eat, and enough for a group salad. ➌ Also bring: Your own utensils (bowl, cup, fork, spoon) and a serving spoon and plate/bowl for your sharing dish. Your own drinks. Paper napkins or paper towels. MRT doesn't allow food or blankets on the ground, so folding stools will be helpful to serve as our table. ------------ ● Time: Sun., Dec. 30, 12-2 pm. ● Place: Da'an Forest Park MRT station 🐸 Inside the Da'an Forest Park MRT station, near Exit 5, a mother-baby frog statue. Look for a paper Meetup sign and Kat's colorful hair! 😅 As the station is big and busy and people are free to show up or not, Kat has to set things up and won't be able to tend to messages right before or during the meetup. PLEASE make an effort to find us on your own. Thanks! *World Culture Club events are conducted in English. *Kat's events have been to over 23 countries. Grab one when it's in town!

Daan forest park

大安森林公園 · Taipei

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