Modern WordPress development process


This is a spin-off of our main meetup looking to explore the more technical side of WordPress development.

The meetup is open to anyone and everyone, who enjoys looking at code and finding out more about the backend technologies that WordPress uses.

* @speaker David Darke (Director at Atomic Smash)
* @title Our development process at Atomic Smash:

The talk will involve an overview of some key technologies like Git, Capistrano and Twig. How we plan projects visually with GitLab. Plus some of challenges we have faced while growing as a team. For example:

- How to sync content between multiple developers.
- Monitoring server performance / uptime after going live.
- How use premium WordPress plugins with Composer.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

-- Break --

* @speaker Simon Pollard (Lead Web Developer at SHIFT Active Media) & David Darke (Director at Atomic Smash)
* @title Development process examples

Time to delve into some code and real world examples of how Simon and David mange their development processes. Looking to cover areas like Git, Composer and Capistrano.

This will be showing off practical examples and questions are welcomed.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

You'll be welcomed on arrival by our friendly and knowledgable volunteers, where you can grab your name badge and get settled in. We aim to start the talks at around 7pm so give yourself plenty of time to get a drink.

After the first talk we take a break before our second talk. Following that if you want to stick around a few of us usually hang around for another drink and chat. The talks usually finish around 9.00pm (ish).

We will be upstairs in the function room, here is a handy video showing you how to get there: