Hey Cebu, we're now excited to meet you all at our first ever meetup! Details to follow.

Join us here!

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    • Actually there is already a wordpress group here in cebu for couple years already its called Wordpress Users Group you can check it on FB, im one of the admin, it was active at some point meetup and seminars was conducted. Getting wordcamp here in cebu was one of our goal at that point. Though its not as active as it was.

      Though it would be nice if this group could help in getting WordCamp here in Cebu.

      If you got questions just drop me a message!

      2 years ago
        • Yes, we saw the group but we're looking forward to bring everyone in. Bringing WordCamp is also one of the goals but the main one we have is to activate the community once again. Looking forward meeting you!

          2 years ago