"Going to the dark side" and "Gutenberg: where do we start"


Welcome to the second WordPress Exeter meetup, taking place on Tuesday 15th January. A free, friendly and welcoming meetup for everyone in and around the Exeter area who works with, develops, uses, or is interested in, WordPress websites.

We're covering two important and timely topics: securing your WordPress website from attack, and developing with the new block-based editor (also known as 'Gutenberg').


☕️🍷We meet in the City Gate pub so you can use the bar and facilities, and bring drinks into the room.

⏰Please arrive from 6.30pm onwards, the first talk starts at 7pm.

🤝There'll be opportunities to ask questions, talk to the speakers, as well as plenty of time to meet and chat with other attendees. After the first talk we take a break and then have our second talk. Following that, if you want to stick around a few of us usually hang around for another drink and chat.


"Going to the dark side, they have cookies"
Tim Nash

Everyone should be a little bit worried about security of their site. In this talk Tim focuses on real examples of sites being hacked but from the attackers' perspective. We watch the entire attack: identifying targets, analysing vulnerable sites, adding malicious code, and exploiting. We see how some tools prevent certain attacks, and how clever - and indeed not-so-clever - bad actors can circumvent lots of hardening.

At each step we analyse what could have been put in place to prevent and frustrate the attack and then look at how this can be implemented on your site.


Tim Nash is the 34sp.com WordPress Platform Lead & Developer Advocate. He is responsible for the management of their WordPress platform and for keeping thousands of sites running fast and staying secure. He also helps run WordPress Leeds and writes for several publications and on his own site, on everything from security to home automation, all with a healthy dose of humour and WordPress.

@tnash / https://timnash.co.uk


"Gutenberg: where do we start?"
Nicola Heald

Are you a PHP developer who doesn't know where to get started with the new Gutenberg editor and blocks? Do all the options and jargon confuse you when it comes to setting up a modern JavaScript development environment? Do you get frustrated reading Gutenberg documentation that presumes you're already an expert JavaScript developer? Wondering why we need this Gutenberg thing anyway? Worried about your existing metaboxes and shortcodes? Yeah, not long ago, Nicola was here too!

This intermediate level talk will take you through the easiest way to get started making Gutenberg blocks in minutes.

* Writing your first React components.
* The structure of a block.
* The easiest way to get a development environment set up.
* Writing a block - line by line!
* The best resources Nicola's found to get going - the ones that took her from having very basic JavaScript knowledge to contributing to the core of Gutenberg!


Nicola Heald is a developer working at Automattic on the Gutenberg project, mainly focusing on oEmbed and looking for horrible edge-case bugs. Previously she was at IBM, HP and Canonical working on cloud-based CI environments. She likes chocolate, Radiohead and the ukulele.

@notnowniki / https://mylesbian.blog


Updates and community news

After the talks, we'll finish off with some brief updates about what's happening in the local and national WordPress community. You are welcome to add your own updates - speak to one of the organisers before we start if you'd like to say something or us to announce something on your behalf.


Code of Conduct

WP Exeter has a code of conduct at https://wpexeter.uk/code-of-conduct which we ask all our team, volunteers, attendees and speakers to adhere to.