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"User Experience: It's For Everyone" and "WP-CLI: An Introduction"

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"User Experience: It's For Everyone" and "WP-CLI: An Introduction"


Welcome to the third WordPress Exeter meetup, taking place on Tuesday 12th March 2019. A free, friendly and welcoming meetup for everyone in and around the Exeter area who works with, develops, uses, or is interested in, WordPress websites.

At this meetup we'll dive into UX (User Experience) and take a look at the power of using WordPress from the command line.

***Important! We've moved the start time to 6.30pm, half an hour earlier than previously, so there's more time for socialising, drinks and networking after the talks.***


☕️🍷We meet in the City Gate pub so you can use the bar and facilities, bring drinks into the room, and have a drink afterwards (and eat, the chips are great!)

⏰Please arrive from 6pm onwards, the first talk starts at 6.30pm.

🤝There'll be opportunities to ask questions, talk to the speakers, as well as plenty of time to meet and chat with other attendees. After the first talk we take a short break and then have our second talk. Following that, stay on as long as you like to chat, relax and socialise.


"User Experience: It's For Everyone"
Ross Wintle

Not sure what user experience (UX) is? (Neither am I). Or whether it matters to you? (It TOTALLY does!) Or why it’s important? (Let’s find out!). I’m not a UX expert, but I don’t think you have to be: we should all be thinking about how people interact with the things that we make.

We'll take a really (really!) simple web app, tear it apart, and realise that UX is hard, very important, and definitely worth thinking about. Expect tips, links, resources, door handles, cars, small children, and of course a little WordPress.


Ross is a freelance website developer and technology consultant who helps organisations use technology to make the world better. He blogs and tweets regularly on varied topics, both teccie and personal, from WordPress to Laravel to cycling and parenting.


"WP-CLI: An Introduction"
John Blackbourn

WP-CLI is the command line interface for WordPress, and is one of the lesser-known but incredibly powerful ways to extend WordPress. In this talk, John will introduce the core concepts of WP-CLI, talk about how to use it to manage your websites, show how it can save you a lot of time, give hints and tips, and cover some interesting use cases.

Whether you’ve never heard of WP-CLI before, or you’re already an experienced user, there will be something of interest for everyone in this talk.


John is a senior engineer at Human Made. He's one of the core developers of WordPress, and he’s been building on and working with the platform for over twelve years. He is a member of the WordPress security team, and was the release lead for WordPress 4.1.

John loves to travel and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others at WordCamps, meetups, and other tech events.


Updates and community news

After the talks, we'll finish off with some brief updates about what's happening in the local and national WordPress community.

You are very welcome to add your own updates - if you have an announcement, an event, you're hiring, etc., please speak to one of the organisers at the start of the evening (or contact us via and we'll add it.


Code of Conduct

WP Exeter has a code of conduct at which we ask all our team, volunteers, attendees and speakers to adhere to.